The Zeros – S/T 7″


I wish The Zeros had some more bright moments like Don’t Push Me Around. The weather ain’t that bright in Sweden either at the moment. Cheers and beers.

Country: USA
Year: 1977
Label: Bomp!
Format: 7″
Don’t Push Me Around.mp3

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Karanteeni – Kaljupainen Gangsteri 7″


The comments here are once again getting a bit overwhelming, so to calm things down a bit I post the first 7″ from the sauna-loving Finns in Karateeni, as the  post of their second single didn’t upset too many in the comment section. On the other hand they do look like a bunch of skinheads on the sleeve to this record, so maybe someone will be upset and tell us that the band was nazis…?

Karanteeni means quarantine in case someone couldn’t figure that out on their own. For a short period I though the “teen” part in the name was a nod towards sixties bands, and a way to show that they were young teenagers. That’s not the case, it’s just the way it’s spelled in Finnish. True story!

Country: Finland
Year: 1978
Label: Poko
Format: 7″
Kaljupainen gangsteri.mp3
Vihaan John Travolta.mp3

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Fun 4 – Singing In The Showers E.P. 7″


Q; Glasgow suburbian kids formely know as Rev Volting and the Backstabbers where bass player shortly after recording debut E.P. joined Orange Juice?

A; Who is Fun 4.

Q; Killer UK 1979 punk E.P. where you have to check the matrix number to make sure it’s not a bootleg?

A, What is Singing in the showers E.P.?

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: NMC
Format: 7″
Singing in the showers.mp3
Elevator crash.mp3

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Terminal Spectators! – Another Day, Another Dream/Reach For The Sky 7″



This is the lone release from Terminal Spectators!, and Another day, another dream is a MAJOR pop hit, while Reach for the sky is a waste of time. As stated this is the only release from this band as they were pretty much out of fashion when they released this in 1982, and I don’t know jackshit about them. At least they don’t sound like the Exploited, which is a good thing.

I guess this copy was sent out as a promo as the guitarist Andrew wrote his contact info on the front, but I really wish it would’ve been the bass players Carl’s address instead as I’d love to get some hair styling tips from him.

Country: UK
Year: 1982
Label: Chariot
Format: 7″
Another day, another dream.mp3
Reach for the sky.mp3

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The Commited – Crash Victim E.P. 7″

These lads thought the commited was a good name for a band, but when it was time to record it turned out not all members were so commited as the bass player just left the band before they hit the studio giving the new member no time to learn the songs, so instead of playing a four stinged guitar he added backing vocals. And the lead guitarist didn’t want to take a day off from work, so he never showed up. Good thing the end result turned out great anyway, but too bad the band didn’t have enough money for a sleeve.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Ace
Format: 7″
Crash victim.mp3
British crimes.mp3
Fast lane.mp3

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