The Boyfriends – First Single 7″


Another powerpop band that was too late for the trend, and maybe a bit over optimistic when they named this release as they never did another record during the time they shared as a band. On the other hand a full lenght album emerged on 1977 records in 2011. The same label also did the third reissue of this 7″ as a second version with a totally different sleeve was released in Germany in 1983 on Firebird/ Pinnacle records.

The song Boyfriend is the obvious hit here, while the b-side is not even worth a spin.

True story here; many moons ago I was in an indiepop band, and in Texas we shared stage with our friends in Tullycraft who played their new song The punks are writing love songs, which sounded incredibly familiar to me, despite I sang “I wanna be your boyfriend” instead of “The punks are writing love songs”. Took me years to figure out why as I totally forgot I owned this record, but when I found it again I asked Sean from Tullycraft if he was aware of the Boyfriends’ song, but it turned out to be new to him. He did admit it shared some simularities though. And speaking of Tullycraft, Lognhalsmottagningen will cover their killer song Popsongs your new boyfriend’s too stupid to know about on our next release. Up yours (and a nice advertisment for one of my current bands)!

Country: UK
Year: 1982
Label: Plastic
Format: 7″
Give a little, take a little.mp3

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Kaare og Partiet – Hakekors E.P. 7″


A couple of months ago I took the shitty decision to get rid of a few of my Norweigan punk records, and when stuff like Svart Framtid & Barn av Regnbuen found new homes with other music lovers, this one made the cut and got to stay with me. Boy I’m a glad I didn’t get rid of this one as well as it’s a total power house of an E.P.! I used to think it had a hint of heavy metal before, but after I played it a few more times I realised it was just FUCKING HEAVY! The production is really intense and tight and the band sounds really tough and desperate!
Just listen to the slightly surf influenced into to Politisk asyl where the drums slowly joins, and then it sounds like everything stops before the super heavy bass comes in. Then the vocals kicks in adding the final touch of desperation and the songs pushes forward til it hits the 1 minute mark where the guitars break down into a short, but amazing burst of noise for a little while before the song continues. Killer stuff!
Or listen to the twin guitar attack of Be en bonn where the additional guitar plays the same simple riff as the first one, but with enough energy to light up your average sized Norweigan town!

And I have to give the boys extra credit for calling the first song of the E.P. lat 2 (song 2). It’s an instrumental, but I still like it’s winding guitar leads played through some pedals I don’t know the name of.

Again, I am very glad I decided to keep this one!.

Country: Norway
Year: 1980
Label: Konk
Format: 7″
Lat 2.mp3
Be en bonn.mp3
Ja vi elsker.mp3
Politisk asyl.mp3

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The Zeros – S/T 7″


I wish The Zeros had some more bright moments like Don’t Push Me Around. The weather ain’t that bright in Sweden either at the moment. Cheers and beers.

Country: USA
Year: 1977
Label: Bomp!
Format: 7″
Don’t Push Me Around.mp3

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Karanteeni – Kaljupainen Gangsteri 7″


The comments here are once again getting a bit overwhelming, so to calm things down a bit I post the first 7″ from the sauna-loving Finns in Karateeni, as the  post of their second single didn’t upset too many in the comment section. On the other hand they do look like a bunch of skinheads on the sleeve to this record, so maybe someone will be upset and tell us that the band was nazis…?

Karanteeni means quarantine in case someone couldn’t figure that out on their own. For a short period I though the “teen” part in the name was a nod towards sixties bands, and a way to show that they were young teenagers. That’s not the case, it’s just the way it’s spelled in Finnish. True story!

Country: Finland
Year: 1978
Label: Poko
Format: 7″
Kaljupainen gangsteri.mp3
Vihaan John Travolta.mp3

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Fun 4 – Singing In The Showers E.P. 7″


Q; Glasgow suburbian kids formely know as Rev Volting and the Backstabbers where bass player shortly after recording debut E.P. joined Orange Juice?

A; Who is Fun 4.

Q; Killer UK 1979 punk E.P. where you have to check the matrix number to make sure it’s not a bootleg?

A, What is Singing in the showers E.P.?

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: NMC
Format: 7″
Singing in the showers.mp3
Elevator crash.mp3

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