The Primitive Calculators – I Can’t Stop It 7″


Not only did the Kangaroo people release some of the greatest punk records known to man. They had some incredible synth punk bands too like SPK and here the debut from The Primitive Calculators. I’m a newcomer when it comes to the synth based stuff out of Australia,though I heard SPK  in the 80′s, and the more of the early Aussie stuff I hear the more I want to dig deeper. This is just amazing!

Here’s a great video for I Can’t Stop It:

Country: Australia
Year: 1979
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
I Can’t Stop It.mp3
Do That Dance.mp3

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Technycolor – S/T 7″


A total KILLER that I first downloaded while having an Erichtion, but it took me years to figure out where I downloaded it from til I stumbled upon it again over at Erich’s excellent site, and figured out it was there I heard it the first time. So much great stuff there, and such excellent writing on most of it as well.

So, I don’t know anything about this band at all, but I know that Tot 77 is one of the greatest songs ever! So clever, catchy and full of weird ideas. A great mix between straight ahead punk and really cool slightly arty stuff, but don’t let that scare you away as I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to not understand the greatness of that song. And it really is as catchy as the flu.

Bunker is a great song as well, no doubt about it, but I’d pick the b-side over that one any given day. The chorus is super catchy, and the band is up there with Those Intinsic Intellectuals when it comes to being just a bit too clever for rock n’ roll.
Is there anyone French speaking person out there who’s willing to let me know what the lyrics are about?

This is a mandatory download by the way!

Country: Switzerland
Year: 1979
Label: Another Swiss Label
Format: 7″
Tot 77.mp3

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Controllers – Slow Boy E.P. 7″

Really need to keep this site going but got so much else to do right now so bare with me that the accompanied text may be worse than usual. If that’s possible. Controllers second output. They appeared on the legendary(?) What? compilation 7″ with Eyes and Skulls and then released the Neutron Bomb 7″ which is quite hard to come by. Slow Boy is a really great track while Do the Uganda is a fun no brainer. And Suburban Suicide is so boring it makes you want to commit suicide. See you on the other side.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Siamese
Format: 7″
Slow Boy.mp3
Do The Uganda.mp3
Suburban Suicide.mp3

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999 – Homicide/Feelin’ Alright With The Crew 7″


The ultimate KBD band finally gets a post. Well as you know we post rare sleeve variations of the well knowns. While listening now I do understand if people find this kind of lame and shouldn’t be regarded as punk. But back in the golden shower days punk where diverse and 999 where one of my early favorites along with the usual suspects Pistols, Clash, Damned, Ramones, Devo, Abba, Bjorn Skifs etc. Enjoy or don’t. Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you that this is the rare German sleeve or is it Mongolian?

Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: Arista
Format: 7″
Feelin’ Alright With The Crew.mp3

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Heart Attack – Keep Your Distance E.P. 12″


If you’re not familiar with this records do yourself a favor and spin English Cunts first. One of the greatest hardcore songs ever put onto vinyl in my opinion. And if blast beats, as noted by Erich/Good Bad Music whom even called for an international blas beat day, are your thing turn on From What I See. Incredible aint it? Well this 12inch is just as classic as all the other classic hardcore 12inchers like My America, Kill for Christ, Get It Away to me, but not regarded as so maybe cause it’s so diverse? Or maybe it’s a classic now? Oi! I call for an international Keep Your Distance day where we spin English Cunts about 10 times in a row.

“You say you love those limey brits. But your opinions are based on the Sex Pistols’ hits…All you are are English cunts!”

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Serious Clown
Format: 12″
English Cunts.mp3
From What I See.mp3
Victim’s Inquisition.mp3
The Last War.mp3

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