V/A – Forhadt Ungdom 7″ E.P.


I don’t post much hardcore, and especially not UK influenced, but I do an exception for this one as I really like Flere Dode Pansere (Multiple Dead Cops). I sort of wonder if they were aware of MDC when they picked their name and just did a Danish version of it, and changed millions to multiple as Denmark had such a small population that millions would’ve been to push it a bit too far. What I like about Flere Dode Pansere is the vocals as I’m a sucker for female punk singers, and this girl screams pretty good, and they sing in Danish as well which is always a plus in my book of punk rules. The band shared one member with Razor Blades as well, but their side of the EP leaves me pretty flat as it’s a bit too generic. Well, they were kids so they had the right to be a bit conformative. Imagen what would happen if the kids made up their own rules! It would be a anarchy. Anarchy!!!

Oh yeah, that white stuff on the scan of the vinyl is some goo that’s stuck on the glass of the scanner at work, so I’m pretty sure it’s cum as I work in a strict male environment.

Country: Denmark
Year: 1983
Label: DK Decay
Format: 7″
Flere dode pansere – Hymne.mp3
Flere dode pansere – Opgor.mp3
Flere dode pansere – Greenham Common.mp3
Flere dode pansere – Midedod.mp3
Flere dode pansere – Dummere end politiet.mp3
Flere dode pansere – Ingen politikere – ingen krig.mp3
Razor Blades – Reality.mp3
Razor Blades – Unite.mp3
Razor Blades – I wanna live.mp3
Razor Blades – Viligante.mp3
Razor Blades – Master race.mp3

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V/A – Code Blue Cassette


A long time ago since I ripped a compilation. Wow, didn’t realize how much time it actually takes. I don’t complain. I do it for fun but realize I have to do it one more time once I get a better tape deck.

Here’s a classic USHC/Punk comp. that has been on my want list like forever. I don’t know if I manage to write about every band. You get classic tunes from classic acts like F.U.’s, Articles of Faith, Die Kreuzen, Naked Raygun, Husker Du etc. Among them the F.U.’s might be the least interesting and the highlight to me is Naked Rayguns-Only in America. Total smasher! Among the less classic acts but still quite known, I know many would argue about who is classic and not, White Flag really stands out. Awesome. When it comes to the more obscure ones Rights of the Accused is on the top. The only band that don’t fits me on this superb comp is Flesh Columns.

Many of you would like to have this as a single .zip file. Sorry. I don’t do that for some reasons: 1. It would overload the server 2. Indexing on search engines gets fucked up.

Country: USA
Year: 1984
Label: Last Rites
Format: Cassette
Nadsat Rebel – Nosferatu.mp3
Nadsat Rebel – Bounty.mp3
F.U.’s – Ode To Larry Joe.mp3
Rights Of The Accused – No Fun Till I’m 21.mp3
Rights Of The Accused – Fuck Up.mp3
White Flag – Festive Shapes.mp3
White Flag – Paranoid.mp3
White Flag – Question Of Intelligence.mp3
No Response – No Future Blues.mp3
Gross National Product – Death Farce.mp3
Gross National Product – Twisted Cross.mp3
Articles Of Faith – Buy This War.mp3
Articles Of Faith – Surrogate.mp3
Articles Of Faith – In Your Suit.mp3
Suburban Mutilation – Menschen Begin.mp3
Die Kreuzen – Fuck Up.mp3
Die Kreuzen – Live Wire.mp3
Die Kreuzen – Champs.mp3
Out Of Order – Concerned.mp3
Out Of Order – Survival Of The Fittest.mp3
Naked Raygun – No Sex.mp3
Naked Raygun – Only In America.mp3
Big Black – Texas.mp3
Sacred Order – You Bastards.mp3
Sacred Order – I’m Busy Living.mp3
Husker Du – In A Free Land.mp3
Husker Du – Target.mp3
Husker Du – It’s Not Funny Anymore.mp3
Flesh Columns – Verbal Abuse.mp3
Flesh Columns - Pay The Lord.mp3

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Beyond The Implode – 11th Hour Breakdown E.P. 7″


A rather new discovery for me. I feel in love immediately. Stumbled upon a copy and nabbed it. And here it is for you to enjoy though I doubt many of you will appreciate it. Gritty amateurish and monotonous post-punk with great vocals. 11th Hour… and Look Back… is what hits the sweet spots for me. This was the Beyond the Implodes second 7inch and pressed in a vast quantity of 250 copies. Thanks to Dizzy/Detour/Bored Teenagers you can read a bit more about ‘em here:

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Diverse
Format: 7″
11th Hour Breakdown.mp3
Look Back And Crash.mp3

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Karanteeni – Sid Vicious 7″


First 7″  from Karanteeni had a Sex Pistols cover while this one, their second, had a song about that band’s second bass player. Their third 7″ had a Sham 69 cover.

Now let’s see if the comment section will be longer than this text, considering how many comments Nirvana got. Up yours!

Country: Finland
Year: 1979
Label: Poko
Format: 7″
Sid Vicious.mp3
Potilas x.mp3

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Menace – I Need Nothin 7″


I’ll take the easy way out and post a classic. I posted Screwed Up a couple of months ago and that is hands down a top 10 7″(among 100 other Top 10 punk 7″‘s). I Need Nothing is anthemic and great but I prefer the Electrocutioner and I think it’s cause the vocals are a bit more dominant and Morgan Websters snarling voice is a voice to love.

Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: Illegal
Format: 7″
I Need Nothing.mp3

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