Shrapnel – Combat Love 7″


Dave Wyndorf who later formed Monster Magnet is one of the two geniouses behind “Combat Love”. A great uptempo punk/powerpop classic that makes your head bop. They released a second 7″ and a 12″ EP none of which I’ve heard. You can find this for a decent price at eBay. Decent means about $50. Produced by Legs McNeil!


Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Salute
Format: 7″
Combat Love.mp3

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  1. PwrPop says:

    forget the 12″ The other single is not bad. You can find the a side on one of the shake some action comp vol 7 i think “go crusin'”

  2. Missy says:

    We go cruisin every night ,we dont need to read or write..i just wanna rock and roll..listen to the radio ..We go cruisin everywhere,dont even have a care…

    yeah …
    the good old days..
    Why no MP3 of Hey..
    i love Hey ..

    arooga booga..arooga booga…

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey Missy! I think this needs a repost. Great record!!

  4. Skin says:

    Hit the Deck, Men! Shrapnel rocks. What I would give to hear Dave Wyndorf’s voice on “Sleepover” or “Siegfriend Line” again. Anybody?

    • Battershell says:

      Oh man, you are sooooo right. I would kill to hear that stuff again. THAT WAS MY YOUTH! I left a phone message with Daniel Rey once looking to see if he would part with any demos. He called me back and left a message thanking me for my interest but said that he was holding on to the stuff “just in case…” The two 45s were great, but I want to hear those othe songs so badly.

      • jofloors says:

        I have all those songs bootleged from CBGB’S i would be lost without hearing these songs every so often, Definite youth days! unbelievable songs..

        • Battershell says:

          JoFloors…would you be interested in making a copy of those songs for me. Just like you said that you would be lost not hearing those songs, I have been lost for years now…Please leave a reply here to let me know if this is a possibility.

  5. Bob says:

    Can anyone tell me which release has “sleep over” on it?

  6. hi, could you let me know what the matrix numbers are i just go a copy and it looks waaaaayyy to clean and i think its a boot, but i am unable to find proof they repressed this ep.. my matrix reads promo 7006a and promo 7006b.. if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated….

  7. i cant get over how much i love your site man… its great while i am sitting here working on my graphic design stuff for my shirt company i get the pleasure of listening to all of these power pop gems, keep up the amazing work.. with this site and with the flakes…
    take care
    p.s. i was hate88 on the skrewdriver post, haha

  8. J says:

    please teach lyrics

  9. ecnalubma696969 says:

    I bought this record for like $10 on eBay last year.

  10. Martin says:

    Here are the guys all dressed up and no war to go to;

  11. Adam says:

    If you notice the singer…..He went on to Monster Magnet.

  12. Nadie says:

    Someone needs to put out a lp comp of all these lost gems “sleepover” “firefly” “special forces boy” and one about shooting Vietnamese people, the kind of stuff only FEAR fans would be insterestef in and wouldn’t fly these days but hell, we need such music in our lives

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