The Rude Kids – Stranglers 7″

Stranglers 7.jpgThe Rude Kids from Stockholm were one of the few swedish 1st generation punkbands that had a contract with a major record-company. Even if they were being considered not as “punk” as all the DIY band, they sure could write some awesome punkrockets! They made a handful of 7″, one 12″ and one LP and here´s a song from the 2nd 7″.


Country: Sweden
Year: 1978
Label: Polydor
Format: 7″
Punk will never die.mp3

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7 Responses to The Rude Kids – Stranglers 7″

  1. Blenheim Shots says:

    Damn, … 1978??? Sounds like 80’s punk – or later! Impressive.

  2. kim says:

    Did the band, Cola Frieks get their name from one of your songs?

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Rude Kids haven´t been around since the early 80s so I doubt they can answer. Cola Freaks is taken from the song Cola Freaks by the danish band Lost Kids.

  4. Mike says:

    Repost this one :]

  5. alan says:

    If you ask me, this is Hardcore 2 years before it’s time in Scandinavia.and 1 or 2 years before Hardcore boom in America.I still can belive that this is 1978, like i didnt belive that is Out Of Vogue from 1978 (Middle Class)Masterpiece

  6. Nathan G says:

    This one really needs a REPOST!!!!

  7. 0101001x_x says:


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