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Peggio Punx – La Citta… E.P. 7″

I love computers! Especially when they crash. I had written a great deal about Peggio Punx and was ready to post when the “thing” decided to freeze totally. Oh well! This one along with the first Declino 7inch posted earlier … Continue reading

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Moths – Magazine Look 7″

Great quirky punk rock in somewhat the same vein as Dow Jones And The Industrials. Again nothing came up about the Moths during research. I’ve got a spare copy of this in case anyone is interested. Both tracks are great … Continue reading

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The Fingers – You Get On My Nerves

“Somebodie asked me if my dog bite. No it’s a pincher.” Opening a song with such an outstanding joke you know it’s going to be great. I’ve never heard The Fingers before. After some research I found out that this … Continue reading

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Slobobans Undergang – Kommer… 7″

You thought the best bands from Sweden came from the capital city? Wrong! The best bands came from Gothenburg and our home town Linkoping. Here’s Slobobans Undergang from Gothenburg with their second effort. They discovered Ramones in 1975 and did … Continue reading

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Rhino 39 – Prolixin Stomp E.P. 7″

Dangerhouse Records released a good deal of great records where The Deadbeats 7inch are the best and as number two we have Rhino 39. The flipside with “Xerox/No Compromise” is Hardcore done in 1979. The intro to “No Compromise” give … Continue reading

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