Geza X – We Need More Power E.P. 7″

The genious behind The Deadbeats solo band. Alot of great stuff have been done by Geza among producing one of the best punk 7inches in 1978 namely “Lexicon Devil” by The Germs. He also helped Modern Warfare, The Feederz and other bands too many to make a list here. “First mean Mr. Mommy Man made a deal with the doctor to c-c-c-cut the worms out of my head. uh uh uh…oh no not the buttplayers oh hurts feels good”.
Country: USA
Year: 1981
Format: 7″
We Need More Power.mp3
Mean Mr Mommy Man.mp3

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  1. tom says:

    hey kenny, once again thanks for posting this for me!

    (i’m the kind who requested it on the strange reaction request forum.)

    through your post i’ve discovered the whole killed by death thang – blog, website, record label, etc.. which is really cool, so now you’ve picked up a new frequent visitor ;–)

  2. fred says:

    Nice for you to mention that he produced Modern Warfare, my 2nd fav band after the Germs. Why isn’t someone tracking donw Bevisbrain? There is so much great Mod Warfare on vinyl?!?! Geza produced Dangerhouse, Dead Kennedys 1st 2 45s, the first Modern Warfare 45 (but not the even-more-deadly 2nd 45), had a hand in the Avnegers American In Me Ep, and many many more….

  3. Randy Scott says:

    I talked to Jim Bemis last night. It’s been years! I can’t blame Geza X for the mix on our first 45, but I can blame Steve Sinclair; our bass player. I was told that it was his idea to “get his way” because he paid for the recording of Living in the Shadows and therefore over rode Geza, otherwise the recording would have sounded much better. So I stand corrected for blaming Geza X for watering down the drums and turning up the bass. Geza should have had complete artistic freedom. He knows what he’s doing is an understatement.

  4. chris_c says:

    thanks for posting this classic

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