Pseudo Existors – Stamp Out… E.P. 7″

pseudo_existors“Coming Up For Air” have followed me since I was a kid and I still love it as much as I did back then. What a dissapointment to find out that the rest of the songs suck. The snare intro is so simple yet it sets the standard for a great song to come. Released with the sleeve you see pictured and a stamped more common sleeve. The labels on my record makes me wonder if I have a test press of this one. It’s stamped on one side with all the song names and the other side is white.
Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Dead Good
Format: 7″
Pseudo Existence
Coming Up For Air.mp3
Modern Warfare

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  1. James D says:

    I’m pretty sure that all the PS copies had stamped labels like yours, the 2nd pressing in the stamped white sleeve had proper printed red labels. I agree that ‘Coming Up For Air’ is the best cut, but the others ain’t bad either.
    One of you guys left a comment at my blog , thanks for that, I’ve added a link to here.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for the info. Since I’ve only seen printed red labels I was wondering.

    It was me leaving a message. Time to link to your blog!

  3. Vincent Ramsey says:

    Check out the new CD with all this and loads more

  4. Charlie M says:

    Only just trawled back this far in the site but have to disagree…….”Pseudo Existence” is one of the greatest ever UK teen snot punk blasts…not worthy of even a posting though …aww maaaaan!

  5. Kount Jizznack says:

    Three of these songs are familiar from Bloodstains Across The U.K. Volume 1. Most of the songs on this 7 inch kick ass, but one of the songs, Modern Warfare, is not quite as good as the rest, in my opinion. I’ll have to look for that CD that Vincent Ramsey was writing about.

  6. Charlie M says:

    Had a listen to ‘Pseudo Existence’ again and was struck by how ‘proto hardcore’ it is. Not in the drumming-style or velocity (it’s not like the Carpettes “Help I’m Trapped”, Buzzcocks “You Tear Me Up”, Punishment Of Luxurys “Brainbomb” admittedly) but the sheer overall ‘surge’ of the damn track….I still can’t believe you don’t rate it enough to post here!

  7. Charlie M says:

    “rest of the songs suck” indeed…I mean …honestly ….grumble…dribble….”Pseudo Existence”…sniffle

  8. tony says:

    Can’t believe how much the original pressing of “Stamp out Normality” is going for these days…… Seen it for £102 today.

    I got my copy from Pete at the Small Wonder record shop in Walthamstow East London back in 1979.

    Was just showing my children the old vinyl I have, brings back memories.

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