KSMB – Aktion LP

KSMB CoverKurt-Sunes Med Berit from Stockholm made a handful of singles and some LP´s as well. They also appeared on “Bakverk 80” – a compilation with 3 swedish bands; KSMB, Travolta kids and Incest brothers. This is their first LP and I really like the power of their punkrock (or rockpunk).



Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: MNW
Format: LP

Tidens tempo.mp3

Jag vill bli som far


Ett ben


Dagens ungdom.mp3

Bara ett minne

Varfor lever du.mp3


But, we have no bananas



En slemmig torsk


70.000 volt

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  1. Stig Dangerman says:

    However reluctant I am to praise a record with a hippie sniper on the cover, Tidens Tempo is a great song! Och jag vill också bli som far!?

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