Lama – Nimeton E.P. 7″

lama_nimeton.jpgOne of the best bands out of Finland. This is their second release. It took me awhile before I discovered the older finnish bands. I got into the finnish scene through Hardcore bands like Bastards, Riistetyt, Appendix etc. Hm not quiet true when I think about it. I got my first 7″ in 1981 from my mommys friend who’ve bought me an Eppu Normali 7″ which was a big dissapointment. I also bought one of Pelle Miljona Oys LPs when I was in Finland summer of 1981. What about Lama then? Don’t know much. Maybe some of them went on to some HC bands?
Country: Finland
Year: 1981
Label: Johanna
Format: 7″
Ainoo Lajissan.mp3

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  1. sophia says:

    Rob Moss of Artificial Peace had sent me a cassette many years ago and the flipside of the cassette was LAMA. I could never find anything by them…thanks for posting this.

  2. joel says:

    kiitoksia, tack, thanx, ive tried to find this elsewhere, without luck, so cheers…

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