Punishment of luxury – Secrets 7″

Secrets 7.jpgI discovered Punishment of luxury in the mid 80´s and it´s a mystery why I haven´t heard their music earlier! Here we have some odd punk(?) with a very personal style – fantastic! As far as I know, they did release 4 7″ and 1 LP.




Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: UA
Format: 7″



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  1. username says:

    wholly fuxx… I haven’t heard this in a full twenty years. THANX!!

  2. mudcrow says:

    I love Brainbomb, one of my favourite tracks by Punilux, not as good as Jellyfish, but not far off.
    Chaos UK do a cover of Brainbomb.

    Punishment of Luxury released 3 albums in total. “Laughing Academy” was released in 1979 on United Artists, a 2nd album “Gigantic Days” was recorded in 1981 but was not released until the late 90s by Underground. The 3rd album “Revolution by Numbers” was also released by Underground.

    A full discography of this much under-rated band is at

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