R.A.S. (Rock Against Solo) – Rehearsal

Live LinggÃ¥rden 1979-05-20.jpgI just have to post this one! Peter Kagerland, the guitarplayer, was the person who introduced me into punkrock in 1977. He started this band in 1978 (first named Osmans ekvens) and in the spring 1979 he asked me to be their singer! Well, I was 12 years old and fucking scared to death…I didn´t became the singer, but I brought my taperecorder to a rehearsal and here´s a sample of the result. R.A.S. split up in 1979 and Peter Kagerland joined SPY and he brought “Jag maste ga” which later appeared on SPY 7″ in 1980. 


Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Format: Rehearsal

Osmans ekvens

Vad menas

Teosofs aria

Lyckans blaa solfagel

Ga till Mecca




Jag maste ga

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  1. Pogel says:

    More more more Please! Reminds me of my old practice days.

  2. alleywaykid says:

    amazing! lets hear some more tracks and some SPY!

  3. Nathan G says:


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