Zmiv – Banzai Here’s… E.P. 7″

zmiv.jpgI used to love Zmiv so I was quit suprised when I put this on for the first time in a few years and find out that it’s time to let it go. Even used to have the ugly front mohawked skeleton guy painted on the back on one of my leather jackets. It’s not like putting on Neos or Deep Wound which I still get a rush from so anyone interested in buying/trading my copy of Zmiv give me a hint. You’ll get the wrong song titles for every song just as intended. Some of the Zmiv guys are still active: click here!
Country: Holland
Year: 1982
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
Lay Down.mp3
Wir Haben.mp3

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  1. NiteOwl says:

    So you expect me to donate money when you don’t even post all the tracks???

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    And let’s say I post all the tracks how much would you donate? Just so I know if it’s worth the time to please you. Are you willing to buy the rest of the tracks? Let me know and we can sort something out.

  3. Dan says:

    Hey I think you might have “lay down” and “wir haben” mixed up

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey Dan!
    Maybe you didn’t read the post info ;):
    “You’ll get the wrong song titles for every song just as intended.”

  5. marc says:

    hi there !

    lp reissue is out with the ep, comp trax from v/a als je haar maar goed zit vol. 2 and some raw rehearsal outtakes as well.

    I am really into getting the original for swap or buy so hope you get in touch with me….

    thanks, Marc

  6. Zmif says:

    his for nite ow,27th/2006 at 3:26pm
    If your interested in orginal ,the vinyl :Banzai
    On the orginal,red labelled ,the labels are on the wrong site of the record.
    You will get em for free,if your not in to a commercial interest.
    contact me on
    Why do you think my nickname is Zmif?
    The punk idea was don`t ask money for it ,or there was writen on the record sleve;
    Don`t pay no more than…..
    Respect that!

  7. Hey dude can you post some neos? They’re so hard to find, thanks dude. You’re sites gnarly

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