Residents – Satisfaction 7″

Satisfaction 7.jpgThis is a BIG fuck-off to the mainstream and commercial music-industry! I think this one has a lot more “punk-attitude” than most punkbands… I think this 7″ came with another sleeve in the first pressing and this is the 2nd press? A-side is a cover of the Rolling stones classic.




Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Raalph
Format: 7″


Losers weed.mp3

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2 Responses to Residents – Satisfaction 7″

  1. Pogel says:

    Isn’t the title Loser=Weed. I love much done by the Residents. Like Captain Beefheart the weirder the better. When I was a kid one of my ambitions was to meet The Residents. The closest I got was seeing them in concert in London in about 83. My favourite LP is Eskimo.

  2. JG says:


    This one was released with another cover in a limited edition. The various pressings after that all had the same cover as presented here.

    And the title is Loser=Weed for the flip side track.

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