The Fingers – You Get On My Nerves

“Somebodie asked me if my dog bite. No it’s a pincher.” Opening a song with such an outstanding joke you know it’s going to be great. I’ve never heard The Fingers before. After some research I found out that this clip is maybe from 1993 cause that’s the year the “Get On My Nerves” 7inch was released by Bag Of Hammer Records. They certinanly fooled me. I was so sure this was and old undiscovered band. Why? Cause they manage to capture that feeling from the past: I don’t give a fuck so fuck you.

You Get On My Nerves

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  1. tumors ela says:

    the fingers were a late 80s/early 90s punk band from east los angeles. they started off as the chainsaw blues before replacing their original singer with brady rifkin from ink disease magazine. after one single on the mummies’ pre-bs records, they sacked brady, got becky to play bass and ralph took over the vocals. after becky left to have a kid, ralph went back on bass, drummer jason took over vocals and released the “she’s a bit unkind/you get on my nerves” single. they moved to san francisco, promptly broke up and jason and shane joined the rip offs. the video here is from their second performance on the “counter culture” cable show, circa 91/92. they had previously played on the show as chainsaw blues with the original lineup and kerine elkins dancing along…..shane and ralph were also responsible for the infamous pure filth magazine…..

  2. Degenerateen says:

    I have 2 7″s on a cd somewhere by these guys that I got off Soulseek. Pretty killer stuff. I think I heard about them on Terminal Boredom. On the other single they do a Boys “First Time” cover that’s quite good.

  3. tumors ela says:

    the other tune from that first single, “barracuda,” was brady’s ode to his car. it was supposed to be a split EP with the two fingers tunes on one side and two tunes from our band sucks, “monster mash” and “bikini bash,” on the other side. ultimately, trent mummy thought the obs tracks pretty much sucked, and left them off, hence the “laser etch” on the flipside, which was done with a nail….the whole tale of that trip up north, the show the previous night, ralph getting a girl’s phone number and the next day’s recording session was written up by yours truly in the third(?) issue of pure filth — left out the part about eating cold pop-tarts and reminiscing with shane and brady about the “good old days” of east l.a. punk all the way home, though…. in addition to the 7-inchers on pre-bs and bag of hammers, there were two more, “melons on melrose” and “the rusty quan EP.” there was also a chainsaw blues demo recorded on a karaoke machine in tito’s garage and released on 99-cent cassettes, but those are long gone (although a few of us managed to keep hold of our copies)….that pure filth period of l.a. punk was a lot of fun — a nice kick in the ass to a scene that had become bland and outta ideas. the fingers, our band sucks, sister morphine, crowbar salvation, youth gone mad, the mummies, the untamed youth, bea pickles, the saddle sores, and others all came along at just the right time and made a little scene of their own that was very diverse, very obnoxious and very fun….

  4. Raul says:

    this year (or the next i don’t really know) will be released a comp CD of the Fingers stuff. there are also a cool vid of the Rip Offs on youtube

  5. Brady Rifkin says:

    Yeah well I hope I get a copy

  6. Lester Sands says:

    I hadn’t realised there was a different singer on the pre-BS single. He’s not mentioned anywhere else. There was meant to be another pre-BS single, a split with Supercharger, which never appeared. It looks as if that comp CD Raul mentioned in 2006 is never going to appear. Thanks for the info.

  7. Cruel Noise says:

    Was hoping this was another cut from the Pittsburgh band from 1977 whose Isolation 7″ is absolutely impossible to track down,

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