Peggio Punx – La Citta… E.P. 7″

peggio_sleeve.jpgI love computers! Especially when they crash. I had written a great deal about Peggio Punx and was ready to post when the “thing” decided to freeze totally. Oh well! This one along with the first Declino 7inch posted earlier are among the best mid ’80s italian hardcore EPs. They got a style all of their own these italian maniacs. As I listen to the tracks now I hear some digital pops that you have to live with. You should check out Peggios 12inch over at Not a single bad track so you get them all! My pick is “Credi Di…” cause everytime I hear it I see some punk cowboys with their mohawks and studs riding in to anarchy heaven to never be seen again.

I’ve decided to take some tracks away from this posting. If you want to know WHY then read the comments for the Buttocks. And NOW I
‘ve decided to put the tracks back up again now when my lovely friend “NiteOwl” is gone Ho hoho.

Country: Italy
Year: 1983
Label: Peggio
Format: 7″
Linea Diritta.mp3
La Mia Vita.mp3
Credi Di….mp3

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19,170 Responses to Peggio Punx – La Citta… E.P. 7″

  1. jawhn says:

    this is weird:
    you post that there or did they just steal it? Least they gave a credit, I guess (though I think a link would have been more friendly than lifting the content…)

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah I saw that too. First I got angry then I thought “what the fuck it may generate some more visitors”. I’ll see how they do it in the future.

  3. timsum says:

    Over at they have lots of early 80s Italian HC info + mp3 and also videos of Peggio Punx, Negazione, etc.


  4. alex says:

    Hey the previous comment is from my blog, I didn’t know it linked automatically to the comments here. Anyways, dowloaded that Peggio Punx 7″ you posted yesterday and been listning to it zillions of times since, can’t believe I lived all these years without knowing this record haha. Great shit, fuckn love the guitar sound. Are their other records as good as this?

  5. Cliffchump says:

    I love listening to this while eating Spaghetti Bolognese.

  6. chris_c says:

    thanks, have not heard this before

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