The Bags – Survive

The Bags playing live in Portland, OR, USA 1979.
You know this band. This is great. Watch and enjoy.


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  1. canuckpunk says:

    i don’t know a lot about this band, but she always seems to be dressed like someone’s mom?? kind of throws you off…but her facial expressions, shouting and quick movements betray her conservative garb. the bags rock, plain and simple and were one of the revolutionaries. maybe she liked messing with the norm by dressing like them. wolf in sheeps clothing?

  2. stinky says:

    yeah, BAGS´ survive video. This song is one of the greatest punk songs from late 70´s I´ve ever heard.

  3. stinky says:

    Singer Alice Bag can be seen in Alice Bag Band appeared in The Decline Of The Western Civilisation movie and soundtrack LP, which is darker, gloomier hardcore punk.

  4. kevin775 says:

    Wonder where in Portland this was filmed…

  5. Kount Jizznack says:

    The venue that used to be the Long Goodbye in Portland. Such a name that brings out the warm fuzzies in everyone, but now its a foo foo kind of bar where “hipsters” go called Life Of Riley unfortunately. Jello had his say about the Long Goodbye once the next time he was in Portland (in 1979). This answer is only almost 10 years too late, but oh well.

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