Hates – Panacea E.P. 12″

hates_panacea.jpgIn the last post I complained about what a dissapointment The Hates debute 7inch was. So what a suprise it was to get hold of their 1982 12inch E.P. “Panacea”!! A killer? You guessed it! The Hates is still active but with the only original member beeing Christian Arnheiter, in his 50s and now wearing a huge green mohawk. Here’s a snippet from their bio:”Shocked and intrigued by the news of the People’s Temple tragedy in Guyana, (more than 900 of the Reverend Jim Jones’ followers committed mass-suicide) the band made its first gig and live studio recording as “The Guyana Boys Choir”. Read the whole story here! My vote for best track goes to “Science’s Fiction” though it’s a tuff call. Listen to the fantastic scream in “Cut The Shit” in the end of the bridge(1:32):”Here come the forces of evil”.
Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Faceless
Format: 12″
Science’s Fiction.mp3
Nuclear Age.mp3
Also watched.mp3
Punk 1301.mp3
Cut The Shit.mp3
This Years Model.mp3
What Am I Living For.mp3

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  1. English Paul says:

    I picked up a HATES comp CD a while back that has EP’s #1,2,3,4 & 7 on it…..so what number does this make the “Panacea” 12″ ?. Maybe #5, but I really don’t know.

    Thanks for posting this guys !!!.

  2. English Paul says:

    Oh shit, never mind – it’s late and I’m tired….these songs are on the CD, but in un-mixed form.

  3. wedge says:

    i,too, had the “No Talk In The 80’s” ep ages ago & thought it completely SUCKED, so i never bothered to check out their other stuff, which was pretty easy to find back then.now i get to hear this 12″…i probably wouldnt have liked it too much at the time it was released, but now it sounds real good to my ears. is thier other stuff like this?? i would like to know before i track down the cd reissue…

  4. dylan says:

    oh man. i love the hates.

  5. adamski says:

    This 12″ absolutely smokes!! Totally reminds me of other Texas bands such as REALLY RED & BIG BOYS. Maybe it’s the guitar tone. I personally think the “No Hate In the 80’s” 7″ is pretty cool, too. One of those bands that doesn’t get the hype that other lesser bands do.

  6. David G. says:

    Christian is still keeping the Hates spirit alive, mohawk and all. What a great guy.

  7. Chris bct says:

    Loved the Hates since the lst 3 7″s in the late 70’s. Panacea 12″ was mixed poorly but the Contamination cd with their first 5 or so records was perfection. New World Oi! 15 song cassette release is on that cd and it’s the faster stuff. They’ve got numerous releases by now and rarely have an off song. They just released a dvd of them from the olden days like late 70’s, early 80’s. Met Christian when they did their only tour, per se, 10 cities in the southwest in 2002. At the Che Cafe on UCSD campus they just ripped. Hearing those first 7″ slower songs done faster was breathtaking. He’s been the guitarist/vocalist/main song writer all these years and gone thru batches of other drummers & bassists. It’s amazing how little known the Hates are in the world of punk. Weird actually. They plan regularly in their hometown of Houston and the rest of us just gotta do without. It killed me when I finally heard them live after bein’ into them for the prior 22 years. Yow.

  8. zach says:

    Do The Caryl Chessman 7″ is fantastic. does anybody know where to get the rougher versions of SCIENCE’S FICTION and HOUSTON that appeared on the So What 7″ (the one limited to 50)?

  9. d. says:

    Hey! Could you be so hard-cord kind and replace Panacea tracks with new ones ripped in higher bitrate? It’s too good to be left for future use in hissy 128 kbps. Other 2 singles (‘No Talk …’ and ‘So What’) deserve attention as well. Nice band. Thanks.

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