Widows – Wall Of Berlin E.P. 7″

widows_berlin.jpg “Widows, Briard, Rock Boys ja Ductails olivat keskeisesti luomassa Kallion nuorisoaseman puutalosta Kill City Clubia.”  ehh?  Any finnish people around here?  A discography and some short band bio was found here. This is the second 7inch by the Widows. It took me many years before I actually got to hear them for the first time yet to know that they exicted. I think it was in the late ’90s actually. Too bad since this is great I’m really curios about their other stuff.  Anyone got their discography released by Poko some years ago? “For The Freedom” reminds me alot of the “Lookalikes” by the Drones.
Country: Finland
Year: 1979
Label: Poko
Format: 7″
Wall Of Berlin.mp3
For The Freedom.mp3
Be Yourself.mp3

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4 Responses to Widows – Wall Of Berlin E.P. 7″

  1. blacktomm says:

    Lemme tell ya.
    “Widows, Briard, Rock Boys and Ductails were part of the central/most active groups (of people) in turning the wooden house of Kallio youth-hangout (or smth) into Kill City Club.” (Kallio is the art-rock-part of Hellsinki city) So there.

  2. dylan says:

    great! ive never heard all the tracks, and boy are they good!

  3. roope says:

    Hyvää kamaa! Olen kuunnellut puhki Fun! -älpeen ja aina se kuulostaa yhtä hyvältä.

  4. nathan.G says:

    128, 128 yeaggh this is very tasty!! More Finnpunk if you can gentlemen please for the sake of green humanity!!!!!

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