Sado Nation – We’re Not Equal LP

sadonation_werenotequal.jpgI couldn’t hold myself back. Just had to post this classic LP. Was about to suspend “Jonny Paranoid”, the only bad track, but I’m in a good mood today so you get that one too. Sado Nation is still playing and here’s an excerpt from their page:“Music had turned into a corporate nightmare during the 70’s . Disco turned the masses into weak sheep. Rock retreated to the underground, barely visible. The loss of rock to a commercial machine was bothersome, but not debilatating to Dave Corboy. While the years in art school passed, Corboy had been writing songs. These songs would become the basic ground work for a new band…”. Outstanding tracks are: Aramgeddon, Industrial Revolution and Cut Off The Cord. The only complaint I have is that I wish Dave sang more songs.
Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Brainstem
Format: 12″
Messed Up Mixed Up.mp3
We’re Not Equal.mp3
Dont Bother Me.mp3
Nuke Up Now!.mp3
On The Wall.mp3
Fight Back.mp3
Industrial Revolution.mp3
Politics And Passion.mp3
Cut Off The Cord.mp3
No Use.mp3
Johnny Paranoid.mp2

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19,170 Responses to Sado Nation – We’re Not Equal LP

  1. johnny says:

    yes this is awesome thank you

  2. English Paul says:

    Another choice selection my friend.

  3. Pogel says:

    I think I read on the Sado Nation website one time that they still have all of their material available and at cheap prices too.

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    They have the “Future Past, Present, Tense” CD for sale. That one compile all of their material plus and unreleased LP from 1981. The vinyl is long out of print though.

  5. chris_scummette says:

    this is great thanks a lot

  6. English Paul says:

    Yes !. It only took me twenty plus years but I finally got to see SADO NATION this afternoon. Just awesome !. Mish Bondage is a front lady you don’t wanna mess with, and shit, they played a lot of songs from the “We’re Not Equal” LP. I feel honoured to witness songs like “On Whom They Beat”, “Johnny Paranoid” and “Armaggedon” live. Do yourselves a favour and pick up the GTA CD collection….stands proudly alongside The Avengers & The Lewd no sweat !!!.

  7. Mish Bondage says:

    cool thanks Paul for the kind words… we’re workin on a new album..Future Past is available thru the myspace site or thru Brian GTA.. and we should have a story in MRR coming in the near future..


  8. Renik says:

    Deffinately a classic album for sure.

  9. Bernard says:

    Really sad Mish ended up marrying a nazi and working for the British National Party, or was she always a racist?

    • Cheeseburger66 says:

      Nobody cares who Mish married and whatever she and her husband feels about British politics. Sado-Nation is the band. The music. The lyrics. Period. It’s classic and legendary.

  10. sir hake. says:

    a absolut great funtastic punk lp on of this things the people forgot this amazing iece of shit.thank you kbd.

  11. 666radiation says:

    we’re all equal vinyl REISSUE available in a few weeks on Radiation Reissues from Italy!
    stay tunes on – also check the website for a ton more license and high quality punk reissues, and the discogs store with over 10,000 items! user:radiation666

  12. bryan says:

    they are great.

    i have the pleasure of playing with Mish in SCOLDS, currently.

  13. Jeff says:

    My band EXACERBATORS includes Robert Parker, who played in the revamped SadoNation for a minute in the 00s or 90s, as well as in the Jackals (with David Corboy) in the late 80s and also Lockjaw in the earlier 80s. We’ve released some stuff on some labels, but also record a holiday song each year at Parker’s home studio – in 2015 we invited Mr Corboy to participate, and here’s the result

  14. Jeff says:

    Also, here’s a couple songs Mr Corboy did on Vox with The Misfortunes of Mr Teal at a house party in July 2015, one SadoNation song and one Jackals song

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