Free stuff gets burned and sold at eBay?

Our friend NiteOlw is back! He’ve got another eBay user name too.

Take a look at this:
Never seen a CD reissue before.

A coincidence since “An American Punk In Suburbia” recently posted the Tooth And Nail comp:

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  1. Andrew W. says:

    Wow. That is too sleazy for words.

  2. English Paul says:

    what a fucking scumbag.

  3. Butch Tenacity says:

    By no means am I a computer expert, but now that word has been getting around about this guy, is there any way to ban him from these sites?

  4. squabbler says:

    damn, not sure how to feel about that. it’s not we who rip and post these old records can claim ownership or something, but it’s hard not to feel pissed and used. what makes it even more annoying is he steals the cover scans as well as the mp3s. dick.

  5. squabbler says:

    i turned that loser in to the eBay cops. i also noticed that he got the Crowd LP, Modern Warfare EPs, the Super Heroines LP and the Who Cares comp from my site. what makes it really infuriating is he got over $80 for the Super Heroines!!!

  6. Phill says:

    And what’s also annoying is that the fucker’s got nearly all postitive feedback from over 300.

  7. malfeitor says:

    I’ve actually bought some stuff from “Niteowl” off of ebay as a cheap alternative to trying to replace some vinyl I no longer have. I was a bit dismayed to see the same CDs popping up again for sale since I assumed they were probably just some one off bootlegs he had laying around rather than a small bootlegging operation. I’m not convinced its the same guy, but maybe this is a sign of things to come where people snag stuff and then try to turn a profit from it even though these bands (mostly) never made a penny. I’ve also seen some of these same names on old CDR trade lists where they already had a lot of this music before most of the mp3 blogs started so I’m pretty sure at least some of the music is ripped from other sources rather than downloaded from a site and flipped for cash (which still doesn’t make it right- although I’ve bought many a bootleg in my day). I remember doing shows with friends where so few people showed up that the band didn’t even get paid as much for the show as one of their 7″s goes for today. Either way, I’m going to keep chugging along until I make it through the rest of my vinyl, my friends vinyl, my CDRs, etc. until it runs its course. My advice- if you see something you want that a bootlegger has and you don’t have the $$$ for the vinyl, just wait ’cause it’ll end up on a site eventually or you can just request it and I or someone else will post it.

  8. English Paul says:

    Now that ebay knows his a scam artist he might have to pay back that money, or hopefully they will just shut the fucker down.

  9. jawhn says:

    I guess I feel like vinyl bootlegs are a bit more special than a CDR boot since some actual effort and money has to go into them (usually anyway.) Selling CDR bootlegs is pretty weak and selling CDR bootlegs of some mp3s you downloaded off the Web is just fucking sad. Obviously there are people that want and need to hear this stuff but it’s a shame to see that hole being filled this way. This guy is taking something fun that others have spent their time to share publicly and selling it for a profit; not fair to the artists or the buyers who are getting some second rate, shitty uncompressed mp3 (though they’ll likely never know) — THAT THEY CAN ALREADY GET FOR FREE off some blog that they don’t yet know about, unfortunately. It might be less offensive if he was just making them to trade with friends but to keep producing as many as he can sell is something else entirely.

    This does seem to be the same guy, by the way; most of his descriptions are very similar, if not the same.

  10. canuckpunk says:


  11. dylan says:

    fuck that guy.

  12. alessandro says:

    I’ve bought a few stuff from this guy – “Akacrash” – in the past months, they were rare but official releases, shipping was fast so nothing to complain about.
    i already noticed the coincidence when he put the Superheroines for sale but now it’s not a coincidence anymore…of course I won’t buy again from him, strange thing is nobody gave him negative feedback for receiving CDRs

  13. Phill says:

    I specifically asked this guy if the Subhumans’ ‘Incorrect Thoughts’ he has for sale is a CDR and got this answer:

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Phill, what was his answer then?

  15. Phill says:

    Sorry, the whole of the messge didn’t show up for some reson. Anyways, he said: “Hi Phill, I think it is. Sounds great though. Thanks Tom”. Fuck, it either is or it isn’t mate. And if it is he should at least say so.

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha yeah! I asked him if he could show me the back and labels of the CD. I got this answer:”Hi, I purchased this from a mail order. This has never been officially released on CD and has been out of print on vinyl for over 15 years. Sounds good. Thanks Tom”. Welllll I didn’t get an answer to my questions.

  17. malfeitor says:

    I do wonder what the back of the Subhumans CD looks like. There were some VERY nice scans of the LP once on ebay (front and back covers) and I made a CDR boot for myself using them since all I had was the CD Presents cassette. Wonder if this fella did the same and is trying to sell it. Did CD Presents ever put it on CD? I don’t think so, just LP/Cassette.

  18. Phill says:

    Yes, CD Presents did release it on CD.

  19. English Paul says:

    Strange Reaction just posted Eddie & The Subtitles LP and behold Mr Septic Necro has a CD up for sale on ebay, along with a shit load of other boots that all look like they were downloaded from punk blog sites. Wanker !.

  20. rich jack says:

    yeah..every week….he’s been putting stuff up…tons!tazers,red cross…early LA stuff…every week, tons of money!

  21. Friction Stick says:

    Thats funny about the Eddie and the Subtitles boot that guy is selling on ebay, if he really did download it from strange reaction, that would be my rip. I should send him an email requesting my cut of the profits.

  22. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    What if I tell you that Friend2Rob and Niteowl aka septicnecro real name Adam Wilson( have somethings in common. I though you shouldn’t visit this site since you hated it so much Adam.

  23. Niteowl says:

    So you’re a computer hacker? If not, how would know then? Hmmmm, you stated that what i’m doing is bad behavior and here you are tracing my name. That’s a serious crime and I’m being serious now.

  24. Niteowl says:

    Oh yeah, I almost! Go fuck yourself, Flakes! You think you’re real slick but you’re really a fucking dick!

  25. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Dear, Adam Wilson I’ve allready told you who I am. It’s not a secret. My name is Peter Swedenhammar and I’m still at the kbd mailingslist. I played drums for Raped Teenagers which you’re trading and seems to like:
    Nice to see that you give me a big fuck off too :D!! Why don’t you put up a link directly to this post so people can judge for themself? Hows life in Rancho Mirage by the way?

    You must seen my recent email recommending the video section over here. I’m always clear of who I am since I’ve got nothing to hide. A suprise is that you didn’t promise what you said: to stay away from this site. Shall I block you or do you promise to stay away ;)? It’s nice to read that you’re beeing serious now.

  26. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Slick. Just as with the KBD Police thing it’s not something I “think” I am I KNOW I’m slick ;).

  27. Niteowl aka Friend2Rob says:

    Yeah but you’re still a computer hacker! I’m gonna have to get a new identity like Lewdsnot aka Fahad aka zoloft aka rob noxious.

  28. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Apparently you need that and I’m glad I’m responsible for it. Now you can get off this site bye bye.

  29. Peden says:

    I came around some DVD with “Decline Of The Western Civilization” at Ebay once. Wanted to buy it until I figured out this film has never been released on DVD. I wrote the guy and asked him if it was some official release or just him making money on other people’s work? He never replied.

  30. Danne.... says:

    This may be a bit of the subject but anyway: One of the most bootlegged artists must be Johnny Thunders….Same old Ebay story here…a guy have this DVD for sale of the Johnny Thunders Documentary called Born To Lose (The Last Rock n roll movie)…By the drug addict obsessed filmmaker Lech Kowalski…First this movie have never been released on DVD…second when I asked the seller if this was a official DVD or a homeburned copy…whit homemade Nero cover etc…he didn´t reply….(What a wanker)….but this is reallity….so.
    Cheers folks.

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