Jack And The Rippers – Safe And Secure 7″

jack_safeandsecure.jpgMeant to be Jacks second 7inch after “No Desire”. Not released until 2003 as a “fan club” issue of 500 copies. In my opinion “Don’t Pretend” is better then “No Desire”. Yes you read right BETTER! The tracks here are much rawer and actually catchier. When “No Desire” leans more towards powerpop this is pure Punk Rock. Great!


Country: Switzerland
Year: 1980
Label: Fan Club Company
Format: 7″
Safe And Secure.mp3
Dont Pretend.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Jack And The Rippers – Safe And Secure 7″

  1. Mr Thrills says:

    Great band.

  2. Rudy says:

    Fantastic band from Geneva. Was formed by the Seilern brothers. They were Brits living in Geneva. Hence the cockney flavour in their singing. Later, the Rippers became the Zero Heroes, with Sandro Sursock (ex-Bastards) on guitar. The Zero Heroes made two Pop/ska albums. I remember when the green Rippers EP hit the stores in Geneva. They had pressed too many, and could not sell them all. You could get it for a couple swiss francs ! Now it’s worth big bucks, I guess. A superb Rippers 10 song CD compilation has been released. You can get it from german and swiss shops.

  3. Franz says:

    Yes, I just got the CD. It’s excellent. True, they could sing cockney like Ian Dury ! It’s funny to hear them sing “oï feel loïke a fockin’ tram !” (Geneva is well known for it’s picturesque tram line) They formed a band with Sandro (later Bastards, Zero Heroes) Sandro and his junky friends provided drugs to Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg, who lived in the Alps at the time. The Rippers even jammed with him a few times ! There was a heavy drug scene at the time in Geneva, and some members and punk friends died of drugs. The CD is incredible, apart from a lame reggae tune, the songs are all scorchers. Get it from http://www.dirtyfaces.de.

  4. junior says:

    They chose the right name when they decided on “The Rippers” it’s one of those songs I can never get sick of skating to!

  5. Charlie M says:

    As I await the arrival of the recent LP that compiles their recordings I can only muse that Safe And Secure is in my top 20 punk songs of all time. Fantastic!

  6. asshole says:

    wasn’t this released in 78?

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