Void – Who Are You?

What can I say? It’s Void! One of DCs best band. This is from 1st of July 1983 at Wilson Center Washington DC.

Who Are You?

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  1. squabbler says:

    holy shit, believe it or not I was actually at that show. went on a 2 week trip of the east coast with my mother and sister when i was 15, was in DC over the 4th of July, got lucky and went to 2 shows. this one (which also featured Faith, Body Count, and one other which i want to say was United Mutation, but am having trouble remembering for sure) and the Rock Against Reagan show at the Lincoln Memorial which featured Dead Kennedys, Toxic Reasons, CIA, Cause for Alarm, Braille Party, and others. Nice.

  2. Nathan G says:

    It looks like pootube hates killedbydeath….

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