Victim – The Teen Age E.P. 7″

victim_teenage.jpgVictim from Ireland with their second 7inch(From James at Worthless Trash:”This is actually the 3rd 7″, the 2nd was “Why Are Fire Engines Red” on TJM”) produced by Rat Scabies from The Damned. “The Teen Age” is anthemic punk rock that is hard to resist. Topped with a great cover by Bowie:”Hang On To Yourself”. Fill me in about the Victim please. First 7inch was released by Good Vibration Records.

Country: Ireland
Year: 1980
Label: Illuminated
Format: 7″
Teen Age.mp3
Junior Criminals.mp3
Hang On To Yourself.mp3

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  1. James says:

    This is actually the 3rd 7″, the 2nd was “Why Are Fire Engines Red” on TJM, “The Teen Age” was originally planned to be on TJM also but wasn’t released, the ‘nine months too long’ on the back of the sleeve refers to when TJM should have released it. After the Good Vibes 7″ Victim split up, but 2 members reformed the band and relocated from Belfast to Manchester where they hooked up with TJM. The Bowie cover is the best track on this.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks alot for the info James!!

  3. Mr Thrills says:

    The japanese band The Registrators covered this song on their LP 16 Wires.

  4. Pogel says:

    The third track being faster and sounding more like the Buzzcocks is the best track. Is it live?

  5. Jeff Beatty - Victim Drummer says:

    The single had to be released from a old tape sent to John Peel after TJM records claimed to be the soul owner! The master recording was somehow lost never to be found!

    Legal wrangling between Illuminated Records and TJM records went on for 9 months – In that time the stress told on the band.

    The drummer got pissed off and went back to Belfast!

    A great chance at becoming a superb band was lost forever!

    The Bowie track was recorded live in the studio!!! with friends providing the crowd noises!

    The song is the fastest as Rat Scabies gave us all a line of Cocaine which blew our minds!

    Jeff Beattie : Original and best Drummer – Victim!

  6. Harvi says:

    You might not remember me as it was many years ago but I met you,Joe & Wes at Deeply vale festival in Bury around 1979/ 80, (i had Victim sprayed on the back of my leather). Saw you live numerous times after that in & around Manchester area, Factory,Belle Vue,Osbourne club etc. I remember having a good laugh with one of your crew who eventualy said he had to go home to Belfast coz he was skint, can’t remember his name as my memory is fucked. Last saw you at Bolton when my band Xtract supprted you,anyway let me know if your memory is better than mine.
    cheers Harvi

  7. Richard says:

    Wuhaaa! What a great band…And what a great cover…this black and white art have a pretty good taste. Agree with Pogel, third track is great.

  8. jesse says:

    is mike joyce on this recording?

  9. sir hake says:

    the teenage was my youth remember the days when we was young punk80.

  10. bohs ger says:

    great belfast band,have their 1st 7″.brought both communities together with only two tiny bars,THE POUND and THE HARP to play in.have tried over the years to get other 2 releases but very hard to get-OTHER GREAT BANDS WERE RHESUS NEGATIVE,THE ANDROIDS,STRIKER etc.great punk town,best scene in Ireland ahead of Dublin and Cork.

  11. bohs ger says:

    check out some of the other irish bands-exile in the kingdom,trenchtown,rumble,the gakk,nun attax,mean features,urban blitz,microdisney,revolver,the vipers,the sussed,rory stokes and the wussies from kimmage,unknown wrecks,legalised slaughter,violent phobia,suburban rebels,euphoric void,the hitchers,the shanks,the umbrellas,freres jackman,hooligan,skint,ructions,baton charge,static routines,and the northern record label IT RECORDS.there are loads of others like catholic guilt from mullingar,darkest hour from waterford,the suspects and emergency from tralee,hang pope from listowel,black revolver and blaze x and the fuse from galway,the jollars and stantons grave and the naildrivers from cork,the modfathers and a load of mod bands also.check the irish punk and hardcore presently gathering info for a book on the scene between 1976 to 1989.

  12. gerry molyneaux says:

    and also the commotion and the fontaines,mod bands from dublin who are on vinyle compilation l.p.’s.the spies released one great punk 7″,from howth in dublin,home to……….ohhh jaysus………yer man elvis pressley loving U2’s drummer……contrast or what??????

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