The Jermz – Power Cut 7″

jermz_cover.jpgFrom Dizzy at Detour Records: “The actual studio was also responsible for the two classic releases by another local band “Sema 4” as well as ‘Xpress’. The actual studio time was paid for my a local record shop called “Feelgood” Records and it was produced by ‘Urban Blitz’ of Doctors Of Madness who had travelled up from London especially to produce it.“. On the labels you can read “Ripping Off Prohibited” so here we go. Counting in in German is a strong mark of true punk rock as well as slightly out of tuned guitar and bass. Got a spare to trade/sell!
Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: One Way
Format: 7″
Power Cut.mp3
Me And My Baby.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Jermz – Power Cut 7″

  1. Graham says:

    I have a copy for sale.

  2. ady77 says:

    I have a copy of ‘Power Cut’ by the jermz which i may sell i bought it when it came out as i am from York area. It is not A1 perfect as my records were bought to be played and enjoyed being precious about them is stupid but its in good nick

  3. breakout says:

    Any more info. on the band and how to get in touch with any ex-members??

  4. Holden says:

    I spoke to lead singer, Nick this week. He’s a regular at York City, football’s the new rock and roll!

    • Selby lad says:

      Chris Topping was still playing last time i saw minstermen play, punk rock replaced footy as the love of my life at 14, a common occurence if you were 12-14 in 1977 leave the kiddy stuff behind records,gigs and girls far more important(and far more fun speshaly the girls).Ive forgotten what i meant to say now ‘by eck’ .

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