Government Issue – Boycott Stabb E.P. 12″

gi_boycottstab.jpgIt’s a miracle the vinyl still holds togheter. One of my top 10 US Hardcore records ever. One weak spot: Sheer Terror. John Stabb deserves as much credits as Ian McKay. To fuck with the “real” punks he dresed up in hippy shirts and the likes. That IS punk rock. Buy all the reissues from Dr. Strange cause they deserve it!


Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Fountain Of Youth / Dischord
Format: 12″
Hall Of Fame.mp3
Hour Of 1.mp3
Puppet On A String.mp3
Sheer Terror.mp3
Happy People.mp3
Lost In Limbo.mp3
Plain To See.mp3
Heres The Rope.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Government Issue – Boycott Stabb E.P. 12″

  1. e says:

    Government Issue is one of my favorites from back in the day too. I have this on vinyl but it’s in a box somewhere and I don’t have a turntable. Thanks!

  2. Skottie Phaust says:

    man. john stabb …a true visionary. sure… he came off dippy with his “punkness” in a town of “tighty whiteys” (read: dischord flunkies) … the rock spirit is there. thanks STABB. (props to tom lyle.john gay.lenny leonard.marc alberstadt.mike fellows.jay robbins.sean wright.steve hansgen.brian baker.peter moffat.

  3. Chata Ortega says:

    yea, very good indeed, must say i like “sheer terror”though.(incidently i also like the ny band SHEER TERROR, but that’s another story). this record manages to sound both very punk and very hardcore, gosh!

  4. Matt says:

    Does anyone know anything about the labels on the 1st Dischord vinyl pressing being switched? I have a copy and the labels are reversed…just wondering if it’s on all of them. Thanks.

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