Travolta Kids – Veckans brott E.P. 7″

travolta_brott.jpgOne of the five first swedish punk rock records I bought. I remember thinking that it was strange I liked it so much since it was quiet slow and not that raw. It was the attitude in there that I loved. I can still hear it and I still love it. Travolta Kids also appeard at the swedish comp. Bakverk 80 with bands like KSMB, Incest Brothers etc. Later Travolta Kids stuff is really bad but this and the tracks on the comp. still appeals to me.


Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: Ljudspar
Format: 7″
Veckans brott.mp3
Titta pa den dar.mp3
Jag e kleptoman.mp3
Jag vill ha mer.mp3

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