Siouxsie And The Banshees – Love In A Void

Nostaliga is great. That’s what punk rock is all about. Looking back into the past and remember how great it once was. Here’s another goose bump thing to look at.

Love In A Void

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  1. canuckpunk says:

    wow. can’t count how many times i played this song in the 80’s. this live performance sounds just like the recorded track to me. awesome song too. great choice. she’s such an example to me of how some kids in the scene got inspired and came out to express their art in a unique and powerful way…..

  2. Pogel says:

    Great song. I wonder if Siouxsie preferred playing to an audience of gobbing punks or this punk free audience of mods on the Something Else set.

  3. Pootle says:

    > gobbing punks

    I went to see Siouxsie in Gloucester in 1980, and she was her usual ethereal beautiful self… until she suddenly screeched in broad Cockney “Get that fucking gobbing cunt there!” or something, at which point several bouncers lea[pt off stage, chased the punk around the hall and beat him severely.

    So I would say she preferred the audience of “Something Else”…

  4. kevin775 says:

    Christ…..Music used to be so fucking good…….

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