WC – Polis polis 7″

Polis, polis 7.jpgSorry, but I haven´t got the time to do research about the bands… I can only give you the music and then it´s up to all of you sharing information in the comments.





Country: Sweden
Year: 1983
Format: 7″
Polis polis.mp3

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  1. What can I say?
    This single was the first prize in a rockband-contest in Eskilstuna, Sweden.
    It was never really out for sales in any stores.
    Instead WC held a concert where you got a single as part of the admission fee.
    Most records got sold at that event.
    The band broke up in 1984 as the singer (me) moved abroad.
    The band reunited and recorded some old songs a new in the year 2000.
    These recordings can be downloaded here: http://wc.mahonie.se/

    All the best folks,

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