Profan Relik – De levande… E.P. 7″

profanrelik.jpg…skulle avundas de doda”. Ugly cover great music. A mystery band. Can’t remember seeing them in any old fanzines or on concert flyers. If any swede have info don’t hesitate to click the comment link at the end of the post. Awesome 7inch anyway and somewhat “missreleased” in the HC year of 1983.


Country: Sweden
Year: 1983
Label: QUQ
Format: 7″
Nar traden brinner.mp3
Ar du beredd
Ensam kvar.mp3

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  1. Ron says:

    Great DK-influenced band from Karlskrona. Some of the members moved to Stockholm and started up Laser Jesus in the late 80’s.

  2. Andy says:

    Played quite a lot in Blekinge during early 80´s. The members came from diff. earlier punkbands T42, Piss vademecum, Terapi and Tv3 that didnt do any on vinyl. The ep was made in 500cps.
    Influenced by early punk, DK, discharge among others.

  3. Jorgen says:

    I still have a few never used records left..
    A loads of information.
    Singer in Profan Relik

  4. Spiring says:

    Kind of a “super group” in Karlskrona at the time. The band I was in at the time rehearsed in the same building. Simon, the guitar player, mostly played bass in loads of bands. I especially remember Apart, great great group (pre-Profan Relik) that sadly never got anywhere.

  5. Andy says:

    To Jorgen

    if you have some left i would be interested in buying myself a copie..

    mail me at

  6. Jules says: Jorgen, if you still have one for sale please write to : (thanks KBD Recs)

  7. Max says:

    Remember seeing them live back in the days in my hometown Växjö. A very good band and that 7″ still spins here once in a while. Great record!

  8. Martin says:

    There’s a copy on ebay right now

  9. ytvolt says:

    Planned reunion for gig May 2013 Karlskrona

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