76% Uncertain – Live At CBGS 1985 Cassete

76percent_live_sleeve.jpg76% Uncertain was formed in 1983 by members of two other bands; CIA and Reflex From Pain. Both of these bands had released independent 7″ vinyl EPs the previous year.“. One underrated Hardcore band from the mid ’80s. How come? Their first LP “Estimated Monkey Time” got good reviews but they weren’t much talked about. At least not over here. “Estimated…” was spinned alot on my home during the release though it was a bummer to get hold even back then. So here’s a live show I found on a tape back from the tape trading days. Check out 76% Uncertains official site: here. Haven’t been updated since 2004 but… The sleeve you see here is a homemade one I did. Please don’t sell this at eBay.


Country: USA
Year: 1985
Format: Cassete
You’re The Hate.mp3
Sidewalk Bombs.mp3
Knife In My Back.mp3
No Stone Unturned.mp3
Waste Product.mp3
I Hate The Radio.mp3
Same Results.mp3
Know It All.mp3
Shadow Of Doubt.mp3

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  1. Marc says:

    good stuff. 76% is One of the great local CT bands of my teen years. You say underrated, but I don’t think so. Back in the 80s everyone loved the live shows and bought up the LPs. Now the first pressings go for high auction prices.
    – Don’t worry about people selling this on ebay, you can still buy the live and demo CDs at Trash. trashamericanstyle.com
    Loads of other good CT HC available too.
    – the 76 website maybe old, but they are on Myspace.
    as is CIA.. you can follow the links.
    Don’t bother trying to talk some old vinyl out of them, they know all about the collector market.
    – Marc

  2. stinky says:

    great live, introduction is primal REFLEX FROM PAIN song, isn´t it?

  3. malfeitor says:

    That CT scene (like most I suppose) swapped a lot of members between bands. I think in the US most of the bands from this area were fairly well known. If you haven’t heard the Reflex From Pain version of You’re The Hate (with Ray Cappo on vocals!) I’ve got it up right here-

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks malfeitor! I’ve heard that one before. It’s an awesome song but I have a hard time coping with Ray Cappos voice.

  5. 76 still play out from time to time… last I saw them was 3 years ago…
    CIA CD coming soon on Incas Records! Also a CD release of the classic Connecticut Fun LP!

  6. Incajoe says:

    76% Uncertain were the supergroup of CT hardcore. They definitely weren’t underappreciated around here but they may not have gotten the attention that they deserved worldwide. This was a real treat for me since I haven’t heard that tape before, THANK YOU!
    Like Anti-Emo Jeff said above, CIA and CT Fun cd’s will be out soon on Incas Records!

    • Claudia says:

      Remains one of my favorite CTHC bands. I arrived in the scene just as Reflex was no longer around but caught a show where they played Hangover. Still one of my favorite songs of all time. 76% was, however, heads and shoulders above a lot of bands because they could play! They were good musicians. Bill Knapp – one of the best drummers in CT; Bones – good songwriter and held his own on stage; Todd Knapp – some of the best solos; the band would not have been the same without Dave and Kenny.

  7. wedge says:

    didnt most of this band eventually become SHELTER??

  8. Martin says:

    I got an e-mail from William yesterday (CIA, 76% Uncertain)and he was in Shelter as well. he´s now in a indie/ shoegazer band called Manchester by the sea and is one of the ppl behind the indie pop label Skipping Stones.

  9. Tom says:

    Jeff Roberts was in 76. He played guitar. I’m his nephew. Good music.

  10. Bones76 says:

    Hey tom
    How it’s going? 76 just played CBGBS Sept 9th. Great time and great crowd. Alot of old and new fans couldn’t be better.The has been talking and we do have another few shows coming up. No dates yet but we are working on a Bpt and Danbury show…Check out http://www.myspace.com/76percent and http://www.myspace.com/ciabandct Both sites are up to date and will have all the info on both 76 and CIA re issue that should be out the end of this year..
    Jeff was my best friend and I miss him so much, He was a great friend and a great person.
    Take care,Hope all is well and stop by those sites and say Hi.
    Bones Vocals 76%uncertain and CIA

  11. haizman says:

    I remember a foregin label pressed “Are YOu Uncertain” which was Estimated and Nothing But on CD. I emailed the 76% guys several years ago and asked if a proper re-issue would ever happen. Anybody have any info?


  12. Bones76 says:

    Both bands 76%uncertain and CIA have reissues coming out the end of 2006. I can see them rolling over in to the begining of 07, But this time they are going to come out.All the material has been sent out and the final touchs are being added.
    76%uncertain will be on the GTA lable
    CIA is coming out on The Incas lable.
    We can’t wait for both to come out. We also have I hate the radio coming out on the new Tony Hawk project 8 video game. This is really big for us after all these years to get asked to be part of something as big as this.
    keep checking both sites for updates

  13. Tom (again) says:

    Hello Bones, it’s Tom. Jeff Roberts of 76% Uncertain was also in another band, Contraband. Jeffs Roberts son has a song by them called
    Red Lights. Where can I find this song. Also, are you planning/working on a new 76 album?

    Please Reply!

  14. Tom (again) says:

    Soory, I don’t know what a “reissue” is.
    Is that another album?

  15. Tom(again) says:

    I am not the 31 male as listed on your freinds list on myspace Bones(Mike H.). I am Jeff Roberts newphew. I didn’t know that he made his own guitar!

  16. Tom (again) says:

    Do the Roberts get royalties for I hate the radio on Tony Hawk?

  17. Alan H says:

    Great stuff, thanks…I remember these guys from when I used to hang out at the Anthrax, way back when. Just a note…the last track is “Blackout,” not “Shadow of Doubt.”

  18. william says:

    Hey we just moved the site to a new server and will be *hopefully* doing some updates more often.

  19. Evan says:

    76% rocks! I’m going to see them live tonight! 10/13/08

    Uncle Bones really knows how to sing like a punker!

    My dad was actually in 76% at one point so I’m really tight with them

  20. Jay Thurston says:

    76% Uncertain are fucking incredible. I wish I was going to see them tonight.

  21. rijkse says:

    i’m 100% sure that this band is sick

  22. chris_c says:

    great! somehow 76% passed me by – thx for the post.

  23. Evan says:

    Wow, that comment I left 3 years ago is rather emarrassing…

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