City Kent – Cancer 7″

citykent_cancer.jpg“Cancer” is the track that keeps roling in the background as I hack myself into NiteOwls computer ;). Ok, I hope he’ll go away so we all can concentrate on the fun stuff here namely the music!


I was shocked and amused at the same when I read in a fanzine that the singer Simpa of City Kent used to play with his dick hanging out. It felt like everything was possible if he could do such a thing. For a little kid that meant alot. This is their first and best 7inch. As you can hear Simpa sings in a southern swedish dialect called “Skounska”. Makes it sound more punk.


By the way there is a swedish university study going and that shows that about 41% of the first wave of punk rockers went on to higher educations. That is to be compared to the refering group: 20%. What strikes them is that there where so many people from a working class background that went on to university and it’s explained by the mixing of punks from various backgrounds. I wonder what happened to Simpa? Did he become a male stripper or did he become a teacher? Standing in front of the class with his dick hanging out?


Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: Heartwork
Format: 7″

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  1. randy says:

    the swedes sure know how to craft some great punk tunes

  2. Tony says:

    “Psalm” is such a great song, especially the guitar noodling. “Cancer” is just so-so to my ears. I always wondered why Cancer was included on Back To Front #4 and not Psalm.

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