Sema 4 – 4 From… E.P. 7″

sema4_4from.jpgWhen Guy Robert Arcahmbue(lewdsnot,zoloft_anaconda) was at my house he explained to me how much he loved the Sema 4 7inch. He loved to play it when driving his car. Ha ha he don’t even have a license. I said that I thought it was crap. He then changed his mind and said:”ahh I think it was the other Sema 4 7inch.”. Why is it so important for some people to agree on the music taste? He was also upset when I played short snippets of his records and said right out:”No this is shit. Too long. I hate it this sucks.”. I saw in his eyes that he didn’t like what I said:”If someone said what you’re saying about The Lewd I will get upset cause they’re friends of mine.”. Ha ha yeah right.


Continuing the Dizzy theme:”Jock & Steve had both been in a “6th form band” called ‘Stratford Canning’ with 2 other members Dave (Fawlty) Sollitt and Mick Gregg. This was the epitome of being bored and we practised and played anywhere and everywhere during our 6th form years………………..never achieving anything – original punks I guess.“. If you’ve heard the version of “Even If I know” on the Best Of British Mod and compare it to the one here you’ll hear that they’ve speeded it up a little bit on that comp.


Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Pollen
Format: 7″
Even If I Know.mp3
Semaphore Messages.mp3
Actors All.mp3
Do You Know Your Friends.mp3

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  1. roman (czech rep. says: goon band,best song is even if i know

  2. behjan says:

    Don´t miss the retrospective LP on DETOUR´s label
    as DIZZY made a great job and “CAPITAL CITY” is kinda of an anthem!2 of the 3 members are unfortunately no more with us-R.I.P. !

  3. margret mondo skiba says:

    lovelove..this is beautiful…..these guys are playing some of the greatest punk-rock of their time….and they’re just doing it in somebody’s house….no bullshit glam nonsense….no over-the-top imagery….no money assholes….it’s just them being themselves and knowing they don’t need to do anything more than play their music and put their whole souls into it…everybody can do it…to push some punk-riffs…. (I am hearing their bullshit everyday and they will never stop..why..?..shit….goes off at last…!!) ….they fuck their selfmade-music-shit out without soul…(maybe…only to see…… some stupid women in action…later…in bed…haha!)…..I hate it… much…but SEMA 4…they are real monsters…..first-class-punk-rock…guys comes in…it was a long long time….!….do you like pancake..?….

    • Geoff says:

      Hi I was the drummer with this band . that it how it went then. Back into playing again. Good stuff coming sone to leeds.
      Tonight Remanising. not a good speller.

  4. tom gabbatiss says:

    I have the ‘4 from Sema 4’ 7-inch for sale and have seen it selling for upwards of £200. If anyone is interested send me an email and we can discuss a price. Bear in mind that I don’t necessarily want this much for it. Email:

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