The Briefs – Poor And Weird 7″

briefs_poor.jpgIn the summer of 2002 I was surfing the Know Crap mailorder site(had a diffrent name back then) and stumbled upon a cool looking band named The Briefs. They had small snippets music for almost every record they sold. I clicked “New Shoes” who are on The Briefs first “Hit After Hit” LP and was hooked. I emailed Chris Brief(drums and vocals) and asked if they got any copys left of this 7inch and he told me he didn’t have a copy himself but if he found one he would send it to me. What a nice guy but he never found a copy. I found it later though.


I got hold of everything The Briefs: t-shirts, badges, stickers, records and was raving about them but no one in Sweden seemed to take notice. I was thinking to myself that these will get huge later on.


Here we are today and The Briefs have lost me. They’ve gone from great on “Hit After Hit” to mediocre with followers that sounds the same. Ehh punk? Right now I’m listening to Steal Your Heart the latest Briefs LP and there’s one good track on it. They used to sound so smart with their own flavour. Bitter? Yes, cause they used to be my favourite band for quiet a long time.


Country: USA
Year: 1999
Label: Hit And Run
Format: 7″
Poor And Weird.mp3
Rotten Love.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Briefs – Poor And Weird 7″

  1. dolly parton says:

    so right.
    Hit after Hit was on replay forever. THat and the Singles album are all you need.

  2. Johan says:

    As I told you before I think they’re briliant. Thanks.

    I’m gonna see tv eye tomorow I hope they rock.

  3. English Paul says:

    What ????. The Briefs fucking rule.

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Paul, they used to rule but not anymore. Off The Charts was ok. Sex Object yawn. Steal Your Heart geee that one really sucks. No substance.

  5. English Paul says:

    Don’t agree with you at all, but hey, that’s cool, each to their own.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Paul, you HAVE too agree! My taste and what I say is law in here ;).

  7. English Paul says:

    Ha ha. Nice one

  8. Jay says:

    I agree with The Flakes // Drummer, but I do like two songs on Steal Your Heart (the last two). The last really great thing they put out was the “Gary Glitters Eyes” 7″. Still pretty fun live though.

    If you like the old Briefs, you would do well to check out a great German band called The Shocks ( They did a split 7″ with the Briefs, and their albums are great. I love ’em and I don’t even understand German.

    Just discovered this site today, and I’m loving it.

  9. Anna says:

    I still like The Briefs, but their newer stuff comes nowhere near Hit After Hit, although I really dug the Stuck On You 7″.

  10. wastedmitch says:

    I agree….I was hooked from 1st spin of “Hit After Hit” and eagerly purchased eveything after….but don’t think they were capable of pulling it off “record after record” Although get the single with “I Think My Baby Is a Communist” fucking brilliant! And it’s a split with the SPITS! YEAH!

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