Cactus Fossils – No, YOU Listen E.P. 7″

cactusfossils.jpgAnyone remember what a great year 1989 was music wise? I thought so. Flipside was an amazing papper but when it came to the record label not much great stuff came out of there. What a suprise when I found this one then! Should’ve been a 2 track 7inch instead but that’s life. You can’t have it all your way. Anyone remember the Cactus Fossils?


This has two great tracks with lyrics that matters! Paper Or Plasic?: “Carried in my groceries with one hand today. I bought what I need. Sometime I really can’t believe the shit they want me to buy: nacho cheese pumpkin seeds pine fresh insecticide. Chorus: Freedom up to my knees, this shit I just don’t need. Sometimes I feel like I can’t get my feet. Freedom up my knees. Senators, councilpeople, congressmen televison, telephone, call me up but I’m not home. I can vote for a liar or a hatchetman, if I’m lucky maybe both—turn around and watch them go…“. From Rosemead, California.


Country: USA
Year: 1989
Label: Flipside
Format: 7″
No, YOU Listen.mp3
Let Me Bleed
The Happy Song
Paper Or Plastic?.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Cactus Fossils – No, YOU Listen E.P. 7″

  1. E. says:

    Hi there. I only wanted to say hi and how this record is shit (even though I never heard it).

    Please post some EXPLOITED!!! Up the Punx OI OI OI

  2. asshole says:

    were the fuck is the rest of the 7″ fucking love it

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