Killed By Death Radio

As some of you people might remember I started up the Killed By Death Radio station in October 2004. It was hosted at my Laptop at home. I was able to air to about 15 people at the same time but that was it.


The old adress: is now obsolete. Click the Killed By Death Radio banner on the left menue and you’re able to listen to all the tracks posted here(almost). Prefered chooice is to use the Flash player since it gives you a list of the songs and you can click around. The radio is powered by Hypemachine. Enjoy!

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  1. Son of Spam says:

    Hi there.

    I don’t see a banner.

    I DO see a link to Killed By Death Radio, but it’s the old website.

    Naturally, it’s listed as “Offline”.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hm I thought the banner was visible enough since it’s on the top on the left side. Anyway if you choose to click the link under the category “radio stations” you’ll be taken to the right place too now!

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