The Rousers – Magazine Girl 7″

rousers_magazine.jpgAmazing powerpop from the home of B.G.K., Gepopel and Larm. The b-side is a boring rock song with guitar solos! Imagen that! Guitar solos shall be forbidden. Ok, one tone solos done for 5 seconds is ok. Who invented them? Chuck Berry? Nils Lofgren? The guitarist in Swedens Sky High? Please help me solve the quiz.


From the great Punkmodpop site: “1977: Inspired by the new mood in british popmusic the de Jong brothers start the Rousers. In the beginning they mostly play covers: Songs by the Beatles and Buzzcocks and the Damned: It is this combination that would mark their sound, described by the band themselves as “New Beat”…“.


Country: Holland
Year: 1979
Label: Torso
Format: 7″
Magazine Girl.mp3
Mr. D.J.

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  1. Niels says:

    Damn Peter, I was going to post this one tomorrow. Found a copy last week at a flea market right in the village where I live for 25 cents! Which is not so strange, as the Rousers lived about 20 miles from where I live; I bump into guitarist/songwriter Cock de Jong’s current band The Shavers from time to time; a really nice, cool guy, and still rocking! BTW, I like the B-side (maybe I’ll post that one!).

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hi Niels! Congrats on the baby!!!

    Ha ha what a coincidence then :). Happened with a Ponited Sticks post too with James from Worthless Trash. Go on and post the b-side as lots of people here certainly are dying to hear it.

    What’s the sound of The Shavers?

  3. I have a pin from with this sleeve! :)

  4. hairy palm says:

    Guitar solos really sucks. But there are some really good. One example: Hendrix´s cover of Dylan´s All Along the Watchtower.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I like both sides of this record a lot. Great stuff! What is their 1st lp like?

  6. Tony Slug says:

    Dutch bands playing one note solo’s : IVY GREEN’s debut alb starts with a ONE NOTE SONG. Yes. There actually aren’t ANY chord progressions in it, and they top it off with a one note, ummm “solo” going on throughout the whole damn thing.
    Come on, how kick ass is that ?

  7. dacoitdan says:

    classic single! you are right, the b-side sucks. treat of new beat lp was pretty solid, though. any truth to the rumor that the single was banned on dutch radio back in the day because of the picture sleeve only? always got a laugh from that story.

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