Liket Lever – Levande begravd 7″

liket_lever.jpgOk, so I’m playing around in my box with swedish punk rock 7inches. Liket Lever grabs my attention and I’ll take a look to see if I’ve ripped this. Ok I’ve ripped the a-side. Long time since I listened to the b-side. Oh fuck it’s over 3 minutes long! But I’ll put it on and I didn’t remember it to be this good! Now I almost like the b-side better then the a-side. Maybe cause I’ve played it to death.


You should know Freddie Wadling on vocals by now but Mats Drougge on guitar is a bit of a suprise. He used to run an anarchist magazine in the 80s that I subscribed to. These days he’s the cheifs editor of one the most well known so called male magazines: Slitz. Great mag with half naked girls but most importantly GREAT articles. That’s at least why I buy these mags.


Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: Sista Bussen
Format: 7″
Levande begravd.mp3
Hjartats slag.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Liket Lever – Levande begravd 7″

  1. Johan says:

    Both sides are great, but I think the b-side is the better one.
    Freddie on vocals are always a blast.

  2. jps gubbkewk. says:

    wadling didn’t like that recording at all.
    i used to be into 1st song as a stupid teen.
    now im old & bitter.

  3. (t)watkins says:

    .for whatever good reason, these two songs prove for some of my favorite music, despite the fact that it was made before i was born. thank you for the reunion.

  4. Nathan.G says:

    Such a ripping band!! Here is a link to a live set from 79 – Skandinavia ’79!!!!

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