The Users – I’m Sick Of You 7″

users_sick.jpgWe at the KBD HQ love the Spaceward sound and here’s another fine example for your ears. Is there anyone who know anything more about Spaceward? Channels? How did they came up with the raw production? Was it Iggys Raw Power that was the moto? I want to know it all! This is The Users first 7inch and it’s a bit better then their second one posted before.


The band had only done two gigs when the first single Sick Of You / In Love With Today was released mid ’77 but what a cracker. By early ’78 they had still only done 11 gigs, two of them still held day jobs and they still had no equipment.“.


All you nostalgic old punks shall listen carefully to the lyrics to I’m In Love With Today! And if you don’t pay attention the only thing I’ve got to tell you is I’M SICK OF YOU!!!


Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: Raw
Format: 7″
Sick Of You.mp3
I’m In Love With Today.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Users – I’m Sick Of You 7″

  1. The basic information says it all: UK, ’77, Raw, 7″ of motherfucking love baby!

  2. wedge says:

    this is what its all about…almost 30 years later, i’m STILL in love with today…

  3. dylan says:

    did raw records do anything that dosent rule?

  4. john y? says:

    On one of the Epilectics 7″ers(i think its the spiderleg one)they didn’t have much good to say about Spaceward,something about hippies just getting stoned all day on the ‘lics time/money.
    Still a killer record,and a band that must have some more stuff somewhere(other than their second 7″).

  5. Chris says:

    Best second division UK punk single ever. Raw records was set-up to release The Users single and was gonna be called “Raw Power records” originally, the single was supposed to sound like a Stooges out-take. The Bloodclots version of “Louie Louie” on one of the Raw comps is also actually The Users, Sorry ,you probly knew all this already

  6. Mr Thrills says:

    Fuck 2nd Divison, this is one of the best punk 45s ever. Maybe the best Brit punk single.

    Raw Records put out a few stinkers though.

  7. brotherjunkierat says:

    Mr John Peel himself loved this single. Thank you ever so much for sharing it!!

  8. Mr Nobattery says:

    I really loathe this band – fake US accents in UK punk are UNFORGIVABLE. This was the only era in UK music history when bands broke away form the midatlanitic ‘lurve, man’ rubbish. I’ve nothing against US accents at all but just sound like where you come from – what’s the big deal.
    Oh yeah, the songwriting leaves me cold too.

  9. John Mc Gowan says:

    The Best single to come out of that period beggining,middle and end of argument(In my own opinion,of course) and the songwriting kicks ass.I really love this band and what fake U.S accent???.I think the singing playing and song writing sums up what was best about Punk Rock(Pure Raw energy with drive and spirt and no bullshit with killer toons to boot)Mr Nobattery’s comments are the only bad ones I have ever heard about this AWESOME BAND.Hopefully they are the last.Lets hope so

  10. Mr Nobattery says:

    The accent IS a mid-Atlantic generic one with no relation to any area of the UK . UK punk bands usually sung in a London/ cockney accent.

  11. Jay Thurston says:

    Hey Hoje Ha…The User were not “some mod revival” band…hahahaha

  12. chris_c says:

    this is fucken amazing! it has it all: the sound, the attitude, the (raw) power, love it, thanks. chorus sounds nicked by ATR for “Sick to Death”, to lesser effect it must be said.

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