Meantime – Two For One E.P. 7″

meantime.jpgOne great powerpop track out of three is not too shabby. The other two tracks is too generic and too reministic of Two For One in structure. Their only 7inch and that’s all I know.





Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Inbetween
Format: 7″
Two For One.mp3
She’s So Wild
Sex Fit

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  1. Brain Rott says:

    I actually posted this whole 7″ on my blog, which has only really been updated about 4 or 5 times, by my lazy ass. Here’s all the information I have on them:
    From Davis, California, this band produced only this EP in 1981 on their own Inbetween Records. The band consisted of Sean O’Brien (Guitar and volcals), Russ Tolman(Guitar), Rick Gates (Guitar, vocals and bass) and Kevin Vanderhoof (Drums). Tolman had previously been in the Suspects, another great Sacramento area power pop band featuring Steve Wynn, who later went on to form Dream Syndicate. Following this release their name and style changed as they became the semi-legendary paisley underground band, True West, although most the members were eventually phased out, leaving only Tolman. O’Brien also went on to form Denim TV and the Mariettas. “Two For One” was produced by David Gates of Bread.

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