Chatterbox – Forgotten Heroes 7″

chatterbox.jpgWith Hockey from The Pain. There where lots of things going on for Chatterbox but for some reason it never happened. This is their first 7inch and is a solid classic. Their later stuff have their moments but is a little dull. They opened up for The Clash in Gothenburg in 1980.



Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: Adventure
Format: 7″
Forgotten Heroes.mp3
The Visitor.mp3

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  1. Tim S. says:

    Just found out, that the girl singer, Charly Green, did The Sick Things 1977 in London, who are on the Raw Deal Sampler on Raw Records!! After that she did BITCH, some kind of hard rockish Punk, who did one single. What did she do after Chatterbox???? Who knows? Who cares besides me?

  2. Martin says:

    That’s new to me for sure. I had no idea that she was in the Sick Things, but they were a good band.Now I have to take out the Raw compilation and listen to them again.
    I know I’ve heard something about what she did after Chatterbox but I can’t remember it now. Damn it! I’ll get back if it pops back into memory.

  3. Tim S. says:

    thanks Martin!

  4. (Minnes)Luckan says:

    I know for sure that Charly used to hang around VästerÃ¥s punk pioneers TST for a while. There was talk about some kind of collaboration. Can’t recall if it was before or after Chatterbox, though. I actually went to the Clash concert in Gothenburg, got in backstage somehow (it was Joe Strummer who let us in when he saw us arguing with the roadie guarding the dressing room) , and had a very nice time drinking beer and getting autographs all over every item of clothing except for my shorts (too bad but I was only 16 and a bit shy). Chatterbox stood out in the dressing room as being a hundred times more diviga (learn Swedish to know what THAT means) than The Clash, who were really interested in what three 16-year old pseudopunks from VästerÃ¥s thought of their gig. Which was great. And all the punks back home (TST among them) tried not to look impressed when we returned with our goodies. Tralalalalalala, I know this was too long and now I’m rambling on even more time to stop this

  5. princess says:

    Wow !!!!!! Amazing comments for chatterbox. I am charly, i remember autographing various bits ! Lol amazing time. “forgotten heroes” was written for my father. And yes, sick things and bitch were both me. Love always to my second home, Sweden, and to all who supported us. Xx

  6. Loudandnasty says:

    Great post of a great single!! I have a similar Joe Strummer story from early 2000’s, not long before he died, where a friend and I were at show backstage at outdoor Shoreline Amphitheater here in Bay Area, California. Mr. Strummer took us into his trailer, gave us all the Heinekens we could drink and took pictures and signed whatever we asked. Just a super awesome dude. And thank you Charly for chiming in here. For us fans it is always so much more meaningful when our heroes turn out to be super cool people. And a much less interesting aside, the best club here in San Francisco late ’80’s, early ’90’s, was called Chatterbox, that I had the honor of playing many times after moving up from the cesspool that is Los Angeles. Cheers from SF!!!!

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