84 Flesh – D-Section 7″

84flesh_front.jpgSalted City is comped on Killed By Death Vol. 3 and is the winner here. Snotty punk rock that sounds very very US punk to me. What do I know about these snail lovers? Nothing. So now it’s up to you to prove to all of us what a great punk historian you are. Comment away!



Country: France
Year: 1980
Label: Sky Dog
Format: 7″
Salted City.mp3

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  1. fernando says:

    Sad to see that nobody has posted a comment on this band in more than 1/2 year. Not trying to prove anything (no, I didn’t know 84 Flesh before finding them here), I’ve done a fast research and didn’t find much. Still, there’s some info here:
    Not much: line-up and discography. By the way, they list the 45 as released in March 1978. Then they had 2 tracks (Stooges’ Dirt + Flesh kaput) in the “La creme de Skydog” comp (8/78). They were called ‘1984’ in 1977 (there’s a pic of them in P. Eudeline’s book ‘L’aventure punk’, 1977, where the singer Henri Flesh is mentioned a couple of times)
    Merci beaucoup par les tubes

  2. Mitchhz says:

    The art work was done by Kiki and/or Loulou Picasso from Bazooka (see http://undreground.canalblog.com/albums/bazooka/index.html) and it’s really beautiful!

    Bazooka was a group of punk graphic designers. They also did record covers for Asphalt Jungle.

  3. Chuck Foster says:

    Two good, solid songs. It’s a shame they got lost in the fray. Salted City is a favorite of mine from the KBD LPs.

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