The Favourites – The Single 7″

favorites_sos.jpgIsn’t it funny or sad how we or should I just say I, react sometimes. I’ve just watched the news and it’s all about the madness down in Lebanon and all I can think is that it’s a fucking shame. But when shit happens with my records, take a listen to the beginning of Favourite Shoes, I actually REACT. Screaming like an idiot “Ahh shit, fuck fuck fuck!”. Which would be a more normal reaction to the news I’m watching.


But that’s how we humans are. We react to what’s near us. That leads me in to S.O.S which I don’t dare to publish due to possible lawsuits from the ABBA family. The Favourites where on the same label as The Wasps posted before and they also did a Wasps cover for their second 7inch namely Angelica. Low Down Steve also released a comp of The Favourites a couple of years ago. Great punky powerpop.


Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: 4 Play
Format: 7″
Favourite Shoes.mp3

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  1. James says:

    I think the Abba people would be too embarassed to take you on in a court of law due to The Favourites version of “SOS” totally blowing the original away!

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