Pagans – Dead End America 7″

pagans_deadendamerica.jpgThis was the firts american punk rock 7inch I bought. Just a couple of weeks before I got hold of Dead Kennedys-California Uber Alles in 1980. Hm, maybe it wasn’t the first. Now when I think about it might’ve been The Deadbeats-Kill The Hippes in 1979. Nevermind! This is Pagans fourth 7inch. Dead End America is one of their best cuts ever! Topped with a great cover of Little Black Egg on the flip.


A lot of guys’ll tell you they started playing because they were inspired by Hendrix or heard a Velvet Underground record but my motives were much more prosaic. My girlfriend, later my wife, Mary, kept breaking up with me so she could date guys in bands. I reasoned that the quickest way to win her heart would be to start my own band, which is ironic because later she would hate the fact I was in bands.


Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Drome
Format: 7″
Dead End America.mp3
Little Black Egg.mp3

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  1. Tony says:

    Dead End America is in my Top 5 of best Pagans songs, so amazing, what a masterpiece. I grew up in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio around the same time so I totally understand how they came up with a tune like Dead End America. Speaking of the Pagans, I heard that someone once found a copy of the “Six and Change” 7″ in a friggin’ thrift store in Cleveland… and probably paid less than one dollar for it. [Sob, sob…]

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