Special Forces – World Domination LP 12″

specialforces.jpgHere’s one of the most underrated HC records ever. Up there with classics like Zero Boys – Vicious Circle, FU’s -Kill For Christ/My America, Jerry’s Kids – Is This My World, Scream – Still Screaming yeah you get the picture. This is some of the finest and most “typical” US HC you’ll ever hear. The guitar sound is THE sound of US HC. The cover has to be one of the ugliest ever made maybe that’s why it’s been forgotten. And yes it’s released in 1984. One year after the big HC boom. Their later stuff is awful though!


Bill Colins the guitarist is now a folk music artist. Check out the liner notes and the lyrics here. Listen to Gung Ho now and realise what you’ve missed. From Berkeley, California.


Country: USA
Year: 1984
Label: Boner
Format: 12″
Death Squad.mp3
Gung Ho.mp3
Whats This.mp3
Hurt Me.mp3
Murder In The Streets.mp3
Dead Soldier.mp3
Nobody Rules.mp3
Too Old.mp3
Savage Penguins.mp3

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  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a great record ! Thanx. Their other LP on New Wave records is also a great record.

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