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Huvudtvatt/Picnic Boys Split E.P. 7″

What could be better then to do a split post with Erichs Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times! on a split 7inch. Since Erich like Picnic Boys he takes on the ungratefull task of posting them.   One of … Continue reading

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Wire – Dot Dash 7″

It’s hard to pick a single winner of the early Wire 7inches. But if I have too I’ll pick this and Outdoor Minor. For some strange reason this 1978 release seems to be the tuffest to find of them all … Continue reading

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Strangeways – Wasting Time 7″

Tommy Erdelyi aka Tommy Ramone produced this incredible great a-side punk/powerpop classic. Wasting Time is a very typical 1979 powerpop smasher while All The Sounds Of Fear could’ve been good but since the vocals are a bit out of tune … Continue reading

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Branda Barn – S/T E.P 7″

From Sundsvall the home of Massmedia, Vacum etc but suprisingly not released by the famous Massproduktion label. Formed by the Brodin brothers(vocals and drums) togheter with Peter(bas) the singer from The Same whos Kuken i styret was posted before.   … Continue reading

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The Heat – Instant Love 7″

Prejudice as I am I think it’s not that common to have two blacks in a powerpop band? As the thing with Bad Brains, four blacks playing manic punk. The Heat where from New York and besides this released an … Continue reading

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