Kraut – All Twisted

Another fine upload from the commentator in here known as Harry and on is known as “harryballs”. Here’s NYs Kraut doing All twisted as a follow up to Pop Detectives Twist. Makes sense ehh?


All Twisted

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  1. Erich says:

    Was actually very surprised to seee this! Must be ca. 82 or 83, right? that’s pretty early for a videoclip and compared to clips from around the same period (like Judas Priest or AC/DC come to my mind), it’s nicely done. Winner!!
    But – why did the cops show up? coz KRAUT were on telly?

  2. sid bators says:

    Their records don’t do them justice. where the fuck are the drums in this song? they were better live.

  3. Schralpsie says:

    This was the first punk video to air on MTV right?
    I was just starting to really get into punk when I
    saw this.

  4. ben says:

    yeah it was the first punk video on mtv. also my uncle is the bassist! don cowan. haha

  5. Adolf Preglar says:

    I work with Davey Gunner they are playing a reunion show MAY 22 somewhere near Gramecy Park NYC. GO MAN!

  6. Adolf Preglar says:

    MAY 22 2009

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