Pop Detectives – Twist 7″

popdetectives.jpgI use the title of the b-side cause I can’t understand why they had to put Rocks In The Sea on the a-side. A horrible song. Twist is a geniously crafted powerpop/punk that is hard to get out of your head though. First heard on the infamous Low Down Kids boot series. Seems like all the copies have a pressing defect on Twist. The sound dissapear out into the right channel for a sec or two. Anyway this is awesome stuff with a twist. Ops!


Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Breakwater
Format: 7″
Rocks In The Sea

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  1. Lusker says:

    Your blog is f***ing jätte brilliant B-) City-X, Zeros, Bags, NRG, these Pop Detectives and more… This is now my favourite mp3blog.

  2. mick temple says:

    As the writer of Rocks in the Sea I can only agree that (at least on the record) it is as you say ‘horrible’. One reason it made the A side was because of that drop out on Twist (the more I hear Twist, the more I regret it was the B side, because it’s a great song by Martin Jones); another was that Rocks in the Sea was one of the audience’s favourite live songs (a fatal error for many bands with their first single …). Great to hear Twist again, love, Mick Temple

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for dropping by Mick :). Twist is a classic. Highly underrated!! So the drop out was actually an error in the master tape? Got any unreleased stuff?

  4. mick temple says:

    Drummer – yes, the drop out was on the master tape (not a great engineer …). The 1978-1980 Pop Detectives also recorded 3 more tracks but broke up before they were released. I have copies of two of those ‘Factory Jive’ and ‘She Gets it Right’ but the third, ‘No Mystery’ (another Martin Jones song) went missing a long time ago – not even Martin has a copy, apparently. We also briefly reformed in 1989 (just for fun) and recorded another 10 original tracks. Is anyone interested in hearing any of the tracks? Can anyone tell me what KBD compilation ‘Twist’ is on? Is it available? Love, Mick

    • Matt Dix says:

      Dont have any recordings but do have some great pictures of the band performing in the King’s Head, Plymouth circa 1989. I also remember Mick teaching me the chords to some of the songs from his sick bed following a back injury at around the same time (He must have been seriously bored I guess)

      Many happy memories of jamming with you and generally talking shite.

      Much love


    • john pegg says:

      I have a cassette copy of ‘No Mystery’ along with the other two studio tracks recorded in 1980 . if you want a copy let me know.

      • Mick Temple says:

        I’ve only just seen your post about having a cassette of No Mystery and the other two tracks – I’d love a copy. If you get this, call me on 07947 860463

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey Mick! Are you planning to release the 1978-1980 tracks?

    As far as I know Twist haven’t been comped yet. I discovered you through Steves awesome LDK online boot series he did some years ago.

  6. mick temple says:

    Drummer – neither of the two tracks I have which teh Pop Detectives recorded about six months after Twist are very similar to Twist, they were written later and don’t fit the ‘power pop’ category (although the A side of Twist, Rocks in the Sea, ‘horrible’ as it is, does) so whether you would still want to hear them … ?

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey Mick! I would love to hear ’em: info at kbdrecords dot com

  8. I think we all can agree on that “Twist” is the best song ever. Can’t think of a much better band name either 8)

  9. nigel smith says:

    the recording day was great fun – after lunchtime session at local pub the afternoon got a bit difficult with many takes but we got there in the end. mick temple swore at me quite a lot – but this is the lot of a drummer!!!

  10. Pete Ord says:

    Hi guy’s remember me ! the little bass player from the single ….lol

    How are you all ? seems like a life time ago.

    I’m still playing and writing, been rocking around the world, dropped playing bass the day i left you lot, play guitar now and no longer shy(grew out of that).
    Incase you ever wondered, the reason i left, it was because of all the arguements and shouting between you.Shame though cos it could have been good. Anyway would be great to catch up with you boy’s sometime,
    after all you set me on a rocknroll adventure taking me places i would never dreamed of, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Thank for taking a chance on me back then, hope your all well.


  11. carey says:

    Twist is a masterpiece. I can’t get the damn song out of my head. It’s probably my favorite song on this entire site.

  12. Pete Ord says:

    Hi Nadine

    Yep it’s Pete … how you all doing ?

    Hugs x

  13. Alan Jeffery says:

    I was the official photographer and general dogsbody and provider of free transport. My picture is on the cover of “Rocks/Twist” Sincerely agree about the single. Mick has written some great stuff, and I have copies of most of them. Mick can still cut it, taking to the stage with great success at his recent 60th birthday bash, with Nigel doing the business big style on drums. Took me right back there.. Martin had the nack of coming up with punchy little numbers, with “Tourists” being another catchy track you couldn’t put down.

  14. Bob Daniels says:

    Just listening to a tape of the Plymouth poly gig on 31st October 1980, The guy who played bass with you for a while, Riki Sellar has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I believe that Factory Jive was his bass riff by the way . Thoiught I’d have a bash at noise reducing and generally enhancing the tape to send to him to give him a laugh. I too have the three song demo in fairly decent condition along with the aforementioned Plymouth Poly tale, a tape from the Moonlight Club in Hampstead circa 81 and a really old pre Riki tape of the Breakwater complete with you can’t argue with a chain saw!!!

    • Mick Temple says:

      Bob – I’d really love to get in touch with Riki. If you have a number for him, I’d appreciate it. My number is 07947 860463. All the best, Mick

  15. Anonymous ;) says:

    U guys should get back togethere and do a reunion song, factory jive was mi favourite :)

  16. Ed says:

    loved the band . my misspent youth in Plymouth was spent listening to Pop Detectives, Mercedes and Quarry at the Breakwater Inn.All the best Rikki- get well soon

  17. aaa says:

    Mike cooper is a **** 😊

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