MnMs – I’m Tired 7″

mnms.jpgIn collaboration with The Beats(The Nerves) Paul Collins the MnMs manage to spit out to girly powerpop pieces with Knock Knock Knock as the clear winner. I’m Tired gets tiresome after a few spins due to the extremly childish girly voice. You know the voice that creeps up on you so much that you just want to punch her in the face. The MnMs only release as far as I know.
Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Quark
Format: 7″
I’m Tired.mp3
Knock Knock Knock.mp3

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  1. oscar says:

    Some years later, that single was released in Germany with one more song: a great cover of “My Boyfriend’s Back”.

    (Paul Collins didn’t know of the existence of that single until I showed him a copy of it. He got upset when he saw it!, he told me that he wrote one of the songs for the singer of the band who in those days was his girlfriend, but he didn’t know that the band finally released the single)

  2. James says:

    I’ve always prefered the B-side of this one too. On “I’m Tired” does Marcy sing “staring at my boobs in the mirror” or am i miss-hearing it?

  3. mudcrow says:

    Can anyone confirm the correct release info & tracklisting for this please?

    Flex says this was released with My Bofriends Back b/w Knock Knock Knock on Quark,
    re-released as My Bofriends Back b/w Knock Knock Knock / I’m Tired on Bomp Records
    and again re-released in Germany with 3 tracks.

    I know the track “I’m Tired” appeared on the Bomp compilation “Experiments in Destiny” in 1980, but I’ve found no other reference to any other Bomp release of this band.

    Collectorscum has I’m Tired b/w Knock Knock Knock but has a 1983 date for the Quark release

    And what’s the correct spelling of the band? MnMs? MnM’s? M’n’M’s? M ‘n’ M’s? M&M’s?

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry mudcrow, your comment got stuck among the spam cause of the links in your post.

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I just know that my copy is on Quark with the songs on it posted here and I think it sez 1979 on the labels but have to double check.

  6. Gnar says:

    Has this EP been bootlegged? Anyone have any info on this?

  7. Artifix Greg says:

    Yes. Supposedly it was bootlegged about 2-3 years back. Copies were floating all over eBay for awhile…

  8. marc says:

    I’ve seen copies with blank labels, but they have been around for years.

  9. maren says:

    “You know the voice that creeps up on you so much that you just want to punch her in the face.”

    i kind of want to punch you in the face for that.

  10. Adrian of Austin says:

    “…the voice that creeps up on you so much that you just want to punch her in the face.”

    I know what she’s up to now, but don’t feel good about telling you.

  11. Jackie Shaw says:

    Here’s the scoop regarding the band. At that time we called ourselves “The MNMs” for Marcy and Me (Jackie – I’m a girl too). I was a New York pop singer/songwriter keyboard player who was very into the independent woman voice in music and became known in New York for a song “Dick In My Mouth” (aka “Bring That Boy Down”). When I moved to L.A., I met Paul Collins, I think, at The Troubadour. He introduced me to his girlfriend “Marcy Marks” who wanted to start a band, which we did. When Paul and Marcy broke up, Marcy and I brought 2 musicians into the group (I forgot who). We recorded 3 songs – “I’m Tired”, “Knock, Knock, Knock” and “My Boyfriend’s Back” in which Marcy sang and I played keyboards and back-up vocals. Shortly thereafter, I was fired from my own band by one of the new band members who Marcy was now dating. After the recording session, I think the band broke up within 6 months and I don’t know where or if they played live. However, the next year, Marcy and I put a girl band together for one show at “Flippers”, a L.A. roller skating rink in Hollywood where we performed the 3 songs, amongst others. I never knew the 3 songs were released on any record company until later. Marcy gave me a copy of the single which left my name off the credits but Marcy apologized and signed the cover of my single to say thank for playing keyboards. It was a fun time.

    • Chris says:

      Good to learn some more about it, finally! I first heard “I’m Tired” on the Bomp “Roots of Powerpop” comp. I think all three tracks are killer – it’s a great record! I always thought the Beat were the band playing here but it sounds like that’s not the case… Thanks for the info!!

      • Jackie Shaw says:

        By the way, the name of the band who played at Flippers was called “The Paper Dolls”. I believe one of the Bangles sisters (either Vicky or Debbi Peterson – Marci will remember) played with us that evening. There were a lot of photos taken but neither Marci or I ever saw them. I’d sure like to see one sometime.

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