PVP – El Coche De La Plas 7″

pvp_elcoche.jpgThe a-side is a bad ska song draging on for 4:14 so we just have to skip that one. Descontrol on the flip is a diffrent story though. Great driven punk rock backed by the spanish language that give it that special desperate touch. Just like italian for that matter.


Must be a bummer to record the spanish singing bands considering all the s’s buried in there. Anyone have some tasty info about PVP to share? I think this is their second release after the Miedo 7inch released the same year and that’ve been comped on Bloodstains Across Spain.


Country: Spain
Year: 1982
Label: Belter
Format: 7″
El Coche De La Plas

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  1. Johan says:

    nice one this one.

    The flakes live next saturday along with tv-eye, not bad. And we said yes to play there aswell. right before the-flakes but on the small stage.
    Get you website back up.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Then I have to check you guys out Johan :). Yeah I know I’ve been lazy about The Flakes site. It will get up. I just have to move it to another server and setting up all the crap again.

  3. Johan says:

    cool we’ll have our 7 inch with us so you can get one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You have to check PVP – MIEDO LP (Belter 1982), where the songs from both 7″s were taken as promo.

  5. fernando says:

    Some (tasty?) info… PVP were from Madrid and, after the “Miedo” (= Fear) LP (summer 82) and the 2 singles that came off it (“El coche de la plas” is remixed though) they did a 12″ and 2 LP’s in 84-85 as far as I know. I dont think this band ever found a following. They weren’t friends of the punk/wave “in” crowd in Madrid, plus they sounded a bit dated in 82 and, worse of all, they released their early stuff thru a big label (Belter) who put their singles in commercial radio, and that happened in the year when the indies were happening in Spain, so the punks didn’t care of them. Only with the passing of time they became legendary. You couldn’t find their LP for ages (Belter went bankrupt in the mid 80s) but I had their 45s and always appreciated them. “Descontrol” is one of their best, sure. The A side is about police cars and cops nicking young people and stuff.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Big thanks Fernando!

  7. Juan Diego says:

    Hello everyone.
    Just to add they -PVP- were known, by here, as the Spanish Clash since their look and music could resemble the London based band which were close to their end when PVP were just starting their short career.

    As I loved -and still love- The Clash, by then they seemed me a not well-done copy of the original, nonetheless I still recall those songs “Descontrol” and “El coche de la plas” which I liked and that unfortunately are not uploaded on You Tube or elsewhere on the web. Also I recall another one called “Tacón y Cuero” (Heel and Leather).

    Agree with Fernando that the passing of time has provided them a deserved better position in our memories.

  8. Richard says:

    Yeah!… I have 20 days downloading music from this magnificent website, and I have a really nice list of great music, nothing in spanish until this one, I am from Costa Rica and I am happy to listen some good stuff in spanish…VIVA EL DESCONTROOOOL!

  9. FuseRed says:

    The album Miedo is pretty decent as well. Can be found here with all the rest (although later stuff looks pretty bad):

    Miedo (LP) Discos Belter 1982
    Donde Se Pierde La Luz â—„ (3 versions) 3 Cipreses 1985
    Bailio (LP, Album) Virgin Unknown

    Singles & EPs
    Miedo â—„ (2 versions) Discos Belter 1982
    El Coche De La Plas / Descontrol (7″, Single) Discos Belter 1982
    Entre Las Ruinas (12″, Maxi) 21 Records 1984
    ¡Baja De La Hamaca! (12″, Maxi) Virgin 1987

    Lots of great early Spanish punk/ HC here as well:

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