P-nissarna – S/T E.P. 7″

pnissarna.jpg“This is one the best 7inch record released by a swedish punk band” can be said about almost every release from Sweden during the years 1977-1980. P-nissarna(The Dicks) from the north of Sweden and a small boring town called Falun.


Reformed some years ago and rumours has that they’re working on new material. They also had some killer songs on the first Really Fast compilation.


Here’s P-nissarnas myspace page. While you’re there listen to Harda man and FTV recorded in 2005. Dosen’t Stefan “Sloback” Lindau sound very much like the singer from RF7?


Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: RIP
Format: 7″

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  1. Senap says:

    Don’t know if I agree about the likeness between RF7’s vocalist and P-Nissarna’s dito.
    But I think it’s about time you put out the Fall In MLP with RF7. I have only found “Viet Vets” on mp3 out there on the net. (Sold everything I had with the band in ’93)
    P-Nissarna are still going strong. Saw them at Augustibuller 2 weeks ago, and they’re still alive & kicking.
    And this EP is a true classic!!

    Ps If you got the Transistors “Riot Squad” EP, than put that out as well!!!

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hmm strange… I was about to post the RF7 MLP awhile ago but found out that some of the other bloggers had posted it. But I can’t find it now.

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    hey Senap did you listen to Harda man then? sounds very RF7 like to my ears.

  4. Senap says:

    Yeah I’ve heard it couple of times in my mp3-player. And OK, maybe a little bit.
    But back in the days when US punk was the “on the tapet” Felix in Rf7 and Kretin K-OS (or whatever he called himself) in Social Unrest were my fave singers. So it’s still a little bit like steppin’ on holy ground to compare Felix and Stefan from P-Nissarna. And by the way…. Thank u for posting the Code of Honour 7″ earlier on, that was a Big favorite as well and is still a great single!!

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Holy grounds are meant to be stepped on ;). Yeah Kretin was great. Social Unrest live in Copenhagen in 1987 is still one of my top shows. What a gig! And was it like 50 people watching? Yeah something like that.

  6. Erich says:

    Haha, I too wanted to post the RF7 12″, had it photographed and encoded but then found out there’s a disco-cd available, so I thought I better not release it ….. KILLER record. lile P-NISSARNA – one of the best, really!

  7. Tony says:

    FUUUCCKKK!!! “Jugend” is such a masterpiece, one of my Swedish faves! Everything is just perfect about it- the vocals, the guitar, the drums, the speed!! I agree- so much magnificent Swedish records were released between ’77 and ’80. I’m awaiting a copy of the P-Nissarna CD that came out a year or so ago, can’t wait to hear it. Now excuse me, but I have to go post a CD-R of this EP onto eBay… just kidding!

  8. chadwick says:

    yeah i just ordered the “all you can eat” cd from bomp! records for 12 bucks and i think the “fall in” 12 incher is on it (at least i hope so)…

  9. NekroTed says:

    Why don’t you update the site!
    I’ve listened to punk since 1978, and nothing new has happened wirth dying for. But, i saw P-Nissarna in 1980 in Örebro, and that was a nose-bleeder! A bloody good gig!

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