Simon Tedd & The Adventures – Let’s Talk 7″

simontedd.jpgHow I love those totally mystery bands. A 7inch without a sleeve and one killer powerpop tune. I’m pretty sure this is one of many great songs I’ve heard during the years visiting Steves LDK Boot series.


I’ve found a Simon Tedd playing in a band called Big Bam Boo down in Nashville but is that the same guy? Produced by Wolfgang Auer and Simon Tedd at Hotline Studios, Frankfurt if that helps anyone to dig up some info.


Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: AMI
Format: 7″
Let’s Talk.mp3
A Pocket Full Of Spies

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  1. steve says:

    Yes, that’s the same bloke. “Let’s Talk” is the only really good Tedd tune, if you ask me (there’s at least one other single and a full LP, but… ho hum…).

  2. Well hello, Siumon Tedd changed his name to Simon Scardanelli in 1990, and has continued to record and release music – new album due in early 07, plenty to listen to from my website, and MySpace, and thanks for loving that old track! Twas a long time ago…do pop by and say hello!

  3. ted franklin says:

    I knew a boy called Simon Tedd who had sisters Judith and, I think, Jo. He certainly wasn’t in Nashville, more like Colehill. I lived a couple of doors away and it was along time ago.
    Ted Franklin

  4. Yeah, it was Lonnen Rd Colehill Ted, – – you must have a sister called Angela then, who was best pals with my sister Barbara I think. And it certainly was a very long time ago.
    Simon Scardanelli

  5. ted franklin says:

    Hi Simon
    Good to hear back. My sister Angela and Mum both still live near Wimborne, The other sister is near Ferndown. How about your family? Give them my regards sometime. I used to work in the UK music business, as a designer, on sleeves and doing ads. Now I work from home in Somerset designing websites and odd stuff. Oh and I play drums in various bands. More on me and mine on Facebook.


  6. Hi Ted

    One sister and my Mum still live in the area (Bournemouth and Christchurch), the rest are in France and Surrey. Lots of your namesakes on Facebook – couldn’t find your profile! E mail me from my website and lets hook up on FB
    Cheers and Happy New Year!

  7. Jay Thurston says:

    Killed By Death Records…where old friends reunite! Don’t care too much for the song, but really enjoyed the conversation.

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha yeah more then a couple of old boyfriends have reunited here. Great! This great little record has been re recorded and is waiting a repost.

  9. The boy Tedd also recorded as Tango Echo Delta Delta; there’s a B-side called “Astral Suicide” which is extremely good too.

    • Ha! The boy Tedd, I like that. You are correct Low Down Kids, I released some of an album I recorded in Germany in 1980 as Tango Echo Delta Delta for contractual reasons (OK, I stole the masters because they were being unreasonable and released the album mixed in a way I hated) – 3 singles in fact – I’d have to raid my own archives to give you track listing but I know there was one called “China” (which I think had “Astral Suicide” on the B side), then “Lately” with I think “Those in Peril”, and one other which excapes me at the moment. How do you know this anyway? I pressed one thousand of each of these singles in the early 80’s – China and Lately got some airplay on London’s Capital Radio, but I sold only a few – most of them got left in an attic in Plaistow when I moved to New York in 1991.

      The Flakes – oh yeah, if you’ve re-recorded this please let me hear it, that’d be such a blast! E mail me if you have – I’m very flattered.

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